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Friday, December 10, 2010

In by the skin of my TEETH! Back on with LA CALYPSO GUESTHOUSE!

Called La Calypso Guesthouse (I blogged about them several times, including here and here) this morning after getting "full house already, sorry!" responses from folks I contacted so far to stay with after my group's confirmations for Trinidad got shaky...and BOTH triple rooms I use to have reserved AND the double room I recently cancelled were GONE!

I said whaaaaaaat. I decided to take my chances on finding a roommate and to NOT take the chance of having NOWHERE to rest my bags and head for Trinidad Carnival 2011, and asked them to apply my deposit they already had on the books (which was non-refundable) towards the LAST remaining room: a single, which can hold two people, just on a shared bed.  Still has private bathroom though.  Private bathroom, a/c, and cable for the win!

I feel better...back to having everything checked off and I have faith that somebody out there needs a place to stay and can share with me!

It actually is a tiny bit more expensive per person than the other rooms, but STILL, by FARRRRRRR the cheapest decent place in all of Trinidad (I know, I checked!) lol and it's way more convenient to EVERYTHING (taxis, food, Ariapita Ave., the Savannah) than MANY places charging far MORE!

But look at how fast their rooms went even though it took so long in my search to come across them when I first started looking!?  December 1 I believe is when I is December 10, so just a week and a half and 3 rooms holding 8 to 10 people got snapped up?  Word to the wise if you have NOT booked your room yet for Trinidad Carnival 2011 you are officially WAY BEHIND SCHEDULE and need to prepare to spend about $200 per NIGHT for a place!  Get MOVING!

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