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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BACK on the GRIND after all the cake, wine and partying Christmastime!

We have one more stop before the holiday season is over for real: NEW YEAR'S EVE!  (Two stops for me, The Little Princess has her birthday right after, more celebrating, more cake, more candy, more to work off in the gym after! lol!)

But it's time to get ready to work the money to afford life's guilty pleasures in 2011, and time to work off all the guilty pleasures we ate and drank over the holiday season (which for me started with my birthday, rolled into Thanksgiving, ran right through Christmas, and will finally hit the brakes after New Year's and the little one's birthday lol).

Some motivation for the days and weeks to come!  MARCH 2011 IS AROUND THE CORNER! Eeeek! Get your mind in the zone cause by the time next week comes around it's time to get the war paint and have your GAME FACE ON!

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