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Monday, December 6, 2010

Trinidad Carnival 2011 Itinerary Part 1!

So I posted my intended carnival itinerary below on a message board hoping to see the responses.  Attached are OLD flyers, not the new ones!  Response coming in Part 2!


When and where are the free/cheap/street fetes?  I need names, I need usual day (past years) or dates if known, I need prices or price ranges!

Have to mix it up cant be all expensive all the time. want to have the options at least, even if I don't exercise them all.

I do have a pretty full schedule already...


thu    TRIBE IGNITE (hm i just checked, Salybia is in the daytime on this day...mi nuh know bout no fete-ing while sun HOT enuh!)

fri      SOCA MONARCH; BLUE RANGE COOLER FETE (kind of hard decision to skip Girl Power but I have never been to a cooler fete, and i'm sure the Girl Power artists will be at one of the scheduled things I'm already attending!


sun    SUNNY SIDE UP (unless i hear DAWN is better); DIMANCHE GRAS; SLEEP cause then is

mon    J'OUVERT; D'KREWE; MONDAY NIGHT MAS (somebody tell me how this is)

tue     D'KREWE; LAS LAP or somebody's afterparty...

wed    MARACAS BEACH...I WILL get my beach in regardless lol

I have thursday, friday, and thursday daytimes free with that schedule...plan to do my tourist thing then!
Gasparee Caves--Blue Grotto

My schedule missing anything important?  Salybia's ambience and scenery (resort overlooking the beach) sounds very nice and just the kind of thing me and my camera want to see and feel...but Dutch is inclusive already and it's at NIGHT...not trying to hit up too many inclusives...Sunny Side Up is all-inclusive and in the daytime, but it's early, and I must hit at least one breakfast fete, esp. since I heard they become WET FETES too!

Comments, suggestions on the intended itinerary?

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