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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Group Flight Miami to Port of Spain Feb 16-23

Call me 404 590 1882 for more information, or email me

    1   1819N 16FEB  MIAPOS   650P 1125P 
    2   1818N 23FEB  POSMIA   720A 1030A

Deposit is $100 down, 1/2 balance due November, final balance due December.  

Flight is American Airlines.  

I can arrange connecting flight (and the rest of your Trinidad Carnival trip, click here and here for more info) from your point of origin to Miami and back as well, which would be due full payment in advance of purchase, in December or January.  There is a fee for my services and it is worth it to take the headache of the planning details away and let you just enjoy the fun part of getting there!

D'Krewe Carnival, theme PANACHE, section Bombshell, backline

First come (that means first PAID) first served!  Limited spaces available.  Suitable for individuals or small groups!

Prices do not include PayPal fees.  All payments accepted via PayPal only.  It is free to use, it only charges a fee on my receiving end of payments once I've billed you through the service.

D'Krewe Carnival, theme PANACHE, section Euphoria, male

Trinidad Carnival 2012: D'Krewe Carnival's ELEGANTE section now sold out! Get them while they're hot!


Check out closeups of D'Krewe sections for their 2012 theme PANACHE here...



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: D'Krewe Carnival Costume Closeups!

Since I'm a headpiece fanatic and I like a nice brassiere and belt too, I thought I would indulge for a post and share the closeups of D'Krewe Carnival's costumes!  All courtesy of Trinidad Carnival Costume Photos!

No far shots just straight up head/bust and belt!

Registration going on now:  Get them while they're hot, they have masqueraders registering from the UK, Canad, U.S., Trinidad, and all over!











See one you like?  Register HERE or if you want your entire Trinidad Carnival 2012 trip planned including registration in whatever costume you choose (that is not sold out!), contact me: or (404) 590-1882!
Me! D'Krewe's Tempo section, Trinidad Carnival 2011!

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