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Friday, December 3, 2010

I never got up the courage to Google my friend's name and see the news reports...

Forced myself NOT to shed any more tears as I read...and read...and read... because a friend told me just a few hours ago that he was shot something like TWENTY-SIX times and I nearly dropped the phone, that is just not believable!  I realized I never asked the cousin of Aquil's that first delivered the news to tell me again exactly what happened, because the shock at the time I heard still has my brain remembering only random words and the part where he and [somebody] got shot...he didn't make it...I can't tell you all now not even ONE complete sentence he said to me on the phone that Saturday morning.

But I realized I had purposely not asked til Friday because my brain just didn't want to process more of it...his cousin tried to tell me again the detail as he was on his way back from the funeral to the States...and my brain is still remembering it in snapshot format...I remember he said he saw one of the assailants while in the VI...I am sorry I should be more Christian about it but I wish nothing but the worst and most painful things on that DUMB little boy and WHOEVER helped him!  I'll fix my attitude later!

When I hear it I just lose my breath and stop processing all the way...reading though, I can't get away from it so easily then.  So I Googled my friend and his location and lo and behold, the whole awful story (and some slight misprints, like where he got his engineering degree from, since we were friends from college and I never went to school at UF! lol)...all came to light.

And as I read the news it was over a CUP that just happened to hit the vehicle carrying the waste of life that took his life?!

He made it out of military war zones in one piece with his shirt on his back...and went back home to little St. Thomas, USVI, and couldn't make it out of there alive.  I am MAD...and sad...this is crazy! smh!!!!

The irony of Aquil being born December 1 and buried December 1 is not lost on me.

R.I.P. Aquil i'm trying to run away from your death far and fast cause it seems so UNREASONABLE...but is time I really explore how scary it is, because if this is all it takes to lose a life, it could be any of us!  When my best friend in high school got killed by her jealous Colombian ex-boyfriend, it was unbelievable, but I was away in college and had not spoken to her in a while so while she also died a horrible death that made Tampa Bay news (shot in the face at point blank range) did not KEEP feeling like this big wide black hole just opened up and swallowed the space where you should be, which is how it feels with you because I JUST TALKED TO phone, by high school best friend was sort of left in the past with my high school days...but you...we had PLANS for the future, our paths were finally to cross again in March.  It's like watching as we both head towards an intersection where our paths will cross again...and as we get closer, the intersecting road suddenly disappears and now there is a precipice dropping sharply into a dark and suspicious unknown.

You are Sunni Muslim...I wonder what the Quran says the punishment is for coldblooded murderers?

I wonder what the courts will say?

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