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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trinidad Carnival 2011 Itinerary Part 2: A carnival veteran's response!

In Part 1 I posed my questions and my proposed carnival plans... here's one person's response!  Part 3 coming soon (trying not to make it be one long continuous conversation, you know, keep it easy on the eyes, lol).

Originally Posted by Eloquence, Inc. 
When and where are the free/cheap/street fetes? I need names, I need usual day (past years) or dates if known, I need prices or price ranges!

Originally Posted by Eloquence, Inc.
great choice..but yuh does have to carry a bottle eh...dey usually tell yuh what is what..check TFT for de list..dey does post it up...

Originally Posted by Eloquence, Inc.
personally I think is a waste oh money

Originally Posted by Eloquence, Inc.
ah ok den...but yuh will get to see de artist and dem.....just doh go close to de front of de stage......

Originally Posted by Eloquence, Inc.
ah hear it so so

Originally Posted by Eloquence, Inc.
must do fete for a first timer ... reach early before 12midnight, get yuh pan results in dey....

Originally Posted by Eloquence, Inc.
sun SUNNY SIDE UP (unless i hear DAWN is better); DIMANCHE GRAS;
sunny side up is all inclusive where as Dawn isn't....but Dawn is a boss lime..... Dimanche Gras is a great decision....if my memory serves me correct it starts at 7pm..

but yuh playing champion..yuh best leave Insomnia around 5am to reach Sunny Side eh....

Originally Posted by Eloquence, Inc.
mon J'OUVERT; D'KREWE; MONDAY NIGHT MAS (somebody tell me how this is)..
...ok then...right okkkkk....
as for Monday Night's cool...a lil bit like j'ouvert at night...but pretty mas..

Originally Posted by Eloquence, Inc.
wed MARACAS BEACH...I WILL get my beach in regardless lol
either go very early and leave very early...or go Thursday..u will not enjoy it going to be over crowded

Originally Posted by Eloquence, Inc.
I have thursday, friday, and thursday daytimes free with that schedule...plan to do my tourist thing then!
go Bird Sanctuary ...but that tour is in de evening like around 5pm/6pm..not before

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