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Friday, July 31, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Ronnie & Caro Has Launched "TEARS OF..."!

Interesting theme from Ronnie & Caro Mas Band this year.  Check out the photos HERE courtesy of Trinidad Carnival Diary.

Need help registering for your costume or handling other parts of your carnival planning?  Email or sign up using the Trinidad Carnival form at the top of this blog.

Also check out the band launch schedule: Trinidad Carnival Costumes For Next Year.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Fantasy Has Launched I WI5H!

Fantasy Carnival's 5th Anniversary in 2016 is celebrated with the theme "I Wi5h".  In case you have never seen a Trinidad Carnival band launch, check out Fantasy's clip courtesy of CarnivalScene.

Fantasy official album click HERE. And by the way YAY for them being back on Facebook after shutting down their page couple years back. Made it hard to always have to trek over to Instagram to catch up with them. Welcome back Fantasy!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: TRIBE & Bliss Have Launched!

TRIBE launched their 2016 theme "The Forbidden" and sister band Bliss launched their 2016 theme "The Secret Garden"! Check out the launch album HERE.

TRIBE's official album HERE.

Bliss's official album HERE.

Other bands to come are listed at the Trinidad Carnival Costumes For Next Year link.

If aiming to be in any of the bands launching before September, line up your deposit estimate to jump when it's hot.  A safe estimate for the large bands is $350 usd on hand for backline and male deposits, and $650 usd on hand for frontline deposits.  Additions are generally full price of add-on due along with the deposit, so as soon as prices are released make note of that as extra...but a lot easier to come up with the add-ons or deposit balance if you have the majority of the deposit lined up!  If not ready, no worries, lots more bands to come.

Need help?  Email or sign up via the form at the top of the blog page (as a general rule, please note Eloquence, Inc. Services does not register clients for TRIBE or Bliss but can register for all other bands, if this changes however, clients who are already signed up will be given first priority).

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Virgin America Fare Sale - Fly Through FEBRUARY 10, 2016!

But you know of course the catch is you need to buy now.  As in right now.

I would suggest buying a flight into Ft. Lauderdale that arrives before 1pm, and returns departing after 3pm.  Gives you plenty of times to connect to a Caribbean Airlines or other flight nonstop out of FLL into Port of Spain (POS)!  Plus leaves time on the return for the dreaded Customs line (although way less of a hassle than MIAMI INTERNATIONAL Customs).

As a reminder, Trinidad Carnival 2016 parade dates are February 8 & 9, 2016, so Ash Wednesday is February 10, the last day you can fly on this sale offering.

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Harts has launched "VOGUE"!

HARTS CARNIVAL 2016 - "VOGUE" Band Launch

Check out the photos in the link above, which do you love? (All pics courtesy of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Costume Photos)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Islandpeople Mas Theme Released!

All we need is a launch date... check out the launch flyers and dates so far at the Trinidad Carnival Costumes For Next Year link.

If you need help bringing your plans together for Trinidad Carnival, click HERE.
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