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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Aftermath: Fresh Costume, Fresh Band, Fresh Vibes, Fresh ANTICIPATION!

Seems like I am not the only one having to shift gears to regain the TNT Carnival spirit: Saucy of TrinidadCarnivalDiary is also feeling some "Carnival blues"..and so are quite a few of her commenters!

As I posted there:
The, bloody murder! *angry*...of one of my friends who was to play mas with me and the ensuing scattering of the group killed my vibes...but it is being reborn by reinventing this carnival experience...

Too many bad vibes associated with YUMA now for me...and it's not YUMA's fault they been great and the masqueraders have VIBES! But it's not the same anymore and everytime I see my costume now i remember who picked it for me, and how i only had to get help picking one cause the rest of a now non-existent group got in their sections, and my wearable choices were all sold out. 

Fresh vibes needed to shake the death and drama memories that surround the whole YUMA experience (not YUMA's fault at all, they been keeping up vibes on their end and and so have the YUMAs), in case it for real turns out to be just me from the group playing mas, i need to be in a costume that is a first choice and makes me smile, not feel sad, every time i look at it! Fresh vibes, fresh costume, fresh band...just starting fresh. Same airline ticket though lol.

So Saucy seems like is not just you eeh...although I do like the ease of not HAVING to run into mas camp...cause i am overseas lol. And if i am not mistaken the new band for sure will cross the stage? Plus they treated me very nicely and personably from the first time i intended to go Trinidad and play with them for 2k10...felt like family and they didn't even know me. So i already have confidence in their customer service... they even remembered me this carnival season, I just had already registered...

I could just see me in my old costume Carnival Tuesday getting a flashback of a dark and handsome face with an easy, warm smile that will never get to see how his choice of costume worked out for me on the road...and having a bad moment.  Seeing his section, YUMA's Leo, on the road, WITHOUT him...and have another bad moment (thinking "one of those guys SHOULD have been Aquil if those FASSIES hadn't killed him.")  Worst case end up the only one who makes it to TNT (because we've gone from 6 total to 1 definite--me--and 1 serious maybe), and be stuck in a costume I only wore to fit in the same band the group was in...and have a REAL BAD MOMENT that last the whole day!  No bredrin that's not carnival, all that negative energy is not MAS at all!

Another aspect of us Scorpios (my sign, and my first choice YUMA costume, tied with Aquarius), is the phoenix...we can rise strong and vibrant again from our own ashes.  And so, I rise...and God willing will honour my friend's memory and celebrate the break I needed and the life he lived the way we planned to do it in TNT, the way I know he would have done it: smooth and stress-free, with plenty positive vibes, smiles, and wines!

So I welcome myself to a new band and section: D'Krewe, 2011 Theme: Rhythms, Section: TEMPO!

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