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Saturday, January 11, 2014

50 Days To Trinidad Carnival 2014! MUSIC Maestro!

50 DAYS TO TRINIDAD CARNIVAL 2014! FINALLY feeling the carnival vibes! This mix a tek LIFE!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Trinidad Carnival 2014: What To Pack For Carnival!

We're closing in on carnival and hopefully you have started shopping if needed for the items you will need for your carnival.  Now's a good time to catch off-season clearance sales on hot-weather clothes and shoes!

What to pack, extended version:

What to pack, express/emergency (what must be CARRY ON/ON YOUR PERSON):

What to pack, MEN (and women you can read for some LAUGHS lol):

And his men's UNDERWEAR to pack post (apparently it needs it's own post lol):

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! It's 2014...Where Is The New Year Taking You?

From Michelle here at Eloquence, Inc. to the fans, readers, supporters, and most of all, the clients who allow this blog and its Facebook and Twitter to grow: thank you for reading, following, subscribing, and allowing Eloquence, Inc. to be a part of your yearly fun factor!

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas, have a Happy New Year!

Where will your new year take you?  Will the new year see you at:

Rebel Salute 2014 in Jamaica in January?

Not just at but IN Trinidad Carnival 2014 in March?

In Jamaica Carnival 2014 in April, the first year they will have frontline costumes?

At Bleu All-Inclusive Memorial Weekend in Jamaica in May?

At Reggae Sumfest 2014 in July in Jamaica ?

At Caribana 2014 (Toronto, Canada) in July?

At ATI Weekend (Negril), Dream Weekend (Negril), or SPF Weekend (Ocho Rios) in August in Jamaica?

In Miami Carnival 2014 in October?

Forgetting the headache of hosting (and cooking for, feeding, cleaning up after, buying gifts for) family and friends this Christmas and upping the FUN FACTOR in your Christmas celebrations by taking in the wonder that is Jamaica's Christmas all-inclusive party scene including amazing parties such as Twisted Spirits, YUSH, Frenchmen's (New Year's Day 2015), and the greatest one-night reggae show on earth, Sting 2014 (Boxing Day, December 26, 2014)?

Will you go for a customized private Caribbean vacation instead?

Or in 2014, will you get an early headstart from NOW on your Trinidad Carnival 2015 planning and make it your most amazing vacation and costume ever?

Whatever your choice, Eloquence, Inc. travel planning services will help you make it happen!

2014 New Year's special on Trinidad Carnival 2014: sign up on New Year's Day HERE and receive a 50% credit on the travel planning service fee!
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