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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mas Assassin's blog finally made me figure out how to get a sample of past blogs to show!

Thanks to Mas Assassin, I finally wanted the 3 miniatures of past blogs related to the current topic to show badly enough that I stared at that area of his blog til I noticed the source: LinkWithin!

So now when you read one blog, you can see 3 more that have similar content, and not solely rely on a keyword search to the left side of the blog!

It is extremely simple to set up, basically does the work for you, all you have to do is drag the result to the appropriate area on your blog's Design section where you would like the content to show...and it pulls the Design screen up for you, no work there either. :)
In addition to the internal links, Eloquence, Inc. blog posts (and their author) can be found via:

Always evolving with this blog of mine--enjoy!


Mas Assassin said...

lol congratulations and im glad to be of assistance in your blogging development.
keep it up!1

Eloquence, Inc. said...

lol no problem

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