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Friday, December 30, 2011

When The New Year Strikes, Where Will Your Vacation Days Take You?

December 31, 2011, Eloquence, Inc. stops taking new travellers for Trinidad Carnival 2012, that means if you want to go and have not yet paid your fee today and tomorrow are the last days to do so! Don't miss out! :)  You can of course always search the blog and the web for info, there is plenty in both spots!

courtesy We Kinda Ting - Facebook

January 1, 2012, Eloquence, Inc. begins taking travel planning service fee payments for:

**Atlanta Carnival 2012 (May 26, 2012, Atlanta, Georgia)

courtesy We Kinda Ting - Facebook

**Reggae Sumfest 2012 (July 15-21, 2012, Montego Bay, Jamaica)

courtesy of Reggae Sumfest - Facebook

courtesy of Reggae Sumfest - Facebook

courtesy of Reggae Sumfest - Facebook

**Trinidad Carnival 2013 (February 11 & 12, 2013, Port of Spain, Trinidad)

courtesy Google

courtesy Google

courtesy Google

**and any other events which may come up on the Eloquence, Inc. calendar, including an individual's own trip they wish planned.


Thank You,

Eloquence, Inc.
@eloquenceinc (Eloquence, Inc. on Twitter)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: 8 Weeks To Go!

8 weeks left until one of the biggest and greatest carnivals in the Western hemisphere!

But only 1 week left until Eloquence, Inc. shuts down TNT 2012 travel planning to focus on the fun, sun, and rum, for those who are already onboard and ready to finish sorting out all the elements of a great carnival: airfare, housing, costume, fetes, and more!  But the memories are the greatest of all. :)

More information on costumes you can purchase to be custom-made for Trinidad here.  Many have sold out but many are still available!
Next year this could be you!

Contact Eloquence, Inc. for more information or to sign up for trip planning services for Trinidad Carnival 2013 if you're an early bird!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Eloquence, Inc. Partners with D'KREWE CARNIVAL to offer ONLINE COSTUME PAYMENTS!

D'Krewe! Morning! Foreign masqueraders (and masqueraders in TNT who have friends/family abroad they want to play) please share this information to your wall, we do welcome payments in full before you arrive in Trinidad, and it allows your collection process to move faster!
 ·  ·  · 20 minutes ago · 
    • D Krewe Carnival Band Want to conveniently pay for your registration online? Eloquence, Inc is also authorized to accept REGISTRATION DEPOSITS via PayPal on behalf of D'Krewe, including any fees charged by PayPal to receive the money. Please see for the Facebook store allowing direct purchase and contact Michelle at (404) 590-1882 (United States) for more info. Normal travel planning service fees do NOT apply to D'Krewe costume-ONLY purchases.
      Purchase travel and career services direct from the Eloquence, Inc. Facebook sto...See More
      Page: ‎147 like this
      5 minutes ago ·  · 
    • D Krewe Carnival Band If you filled out D'Krewe's registration form on the D'Krewe website before making online payment, you must include the COSTUME TRANSACTION CODE in the message with your payment. Otherwise you must fill out form sent to you by Eloquence, Inc., who will then register you free of charge and copy both you and D'Krewe carnival on the confirmations of registration and monies sent to D'Krewe. FOR SECURITY PURPOSES ELOQUENCE, INC. WILL ONLY COMMUNICATE ABOUT YOUR PURCHASE USING THE EMAIL ADDRESS FROM WHICH THE PAYPAL PAYMENT WAS RECEIVED, NO EXCEPTIONS.
      4 minutes ago · 
    • D Krewe Carnival Band If you would like to make BALANCE PAYMENTS online, please email AND COPY as advance approval and separate direct billing from Eloquence, Inc. is required.
      a few seconds ago · 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Carnivals Near, Carnivals Far, How's Your 2012 Carnival Schedule Looking So Far?

So someone asked "when is carnival anyway?"...*gasp* lol so of course the response is...WHICH ONE?

February, May, September, October...the major North American carnivals...pick your poison, and play your mas!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Are You Ready For Some Fun...Sun...Rum? :)

Trinidad Carnival is one of the world's annual pre-Lenten season celebrations, and the largest of the English-speaking carnivals in the Western hemisphere, second only to Brazil Carnival.  Carnival means "farewell to the flesh" and signals the last indulgence before the giving up of meat, among other things, for Lent.  Most countries with a Catholic presence celebrate the start of Lent by "getting it out of their system" so to speak.  

The major differences, and advantages, of Trinidad over Brazil are that for one, Trinidad is an English-speaking country, and for two, there are no samba schools practicing for months before which you can only watch during carnival time, all Trinidad's carnival bands (and there are MANY) allow anyone who pays for their costume, to deposit, have it custom made according to your measurements, and play mas!  The carnival parade itself is 2 days long, with an overnight break to sleep a bit, of course, and is best summarized as fun, sun, and rum (for those who drink, otherwise the bands and vendors provide water and other tasty beverages).

Must purchase 1 of each 1/3 category (deposit, second payment, final payment) to total $620 total ticket, plus Eventbrite fees.  Miami International nonstop to Port of Spain, Thursday February 16 returning Thursday February 23, 2012.  Connecting flight from your point of origin to Miami can be purchased up to 2 weeks before departure, and most airports have nonstop flights to Miami.
Please contact for more info.  This is purchased after your airfare.  All double occupancy and air conditioned.
Please contact for more info.  This is purchased after housing. It is optional but an exciting part of the experience.
Girl Power 2011
Please contact for more info.  This is purchased after the fete package.  It is optional but an AMAZING part of the experience. 

D'Krewe Carnival 2011
Please contact for more info.  This is purchased after the fete package.  It is optional but Monday Mas doesn't start off quite right without first getting dirty and dancing in the streets covered in your choice of mud, paint, or chocolate!

Image courtesy of Chocolate City J'ouvert
If you are attending Trinidad Carnival alone/as a solo traveller, please let me know and I will try to find another solo traveller to pair you with for housing.  If you are travelling solo it is definitely highly recommended that you purchase a fete package after taking care of airfare, and play mas (get in costume) so that you have the added benefit of the security at the fetes and the security provided as part of being in a mas (costume) band.  It is further suggested that you consider playing with D'Krewe Carnival, as that is the band Eloquence, Inc. will play mas with for 2012.  Then you are automatically no longer solo because you will become familiar between now and Carnival with at least one other traveller! :)
For an overview of what it is like, please follow the link below:

Carnival Monday 2011

YUMA mas band 2011

YUMA mas band 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reggae Sumfest 2012: The Affordable All-Inclusive Event! Taking Deposits now!

After summer comes fall, but before summer is done, it's the greatest reggae concert of them all!

Eloquence, Inc. wants to take you to Reggae Sumfest 2012 in beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica!

Who's in?

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Eventbrite Event now on sale! share with your friends please!

I may possibly add housing and other elements for sale in the event but for now, to keep it simple, first thing's first: airfare!  Can't party if you're not present!

Spread the word!  :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Group Flight is THURSDAY TO THURSDAY February 16 - 23, 2012!

Purchase now via the Eloquence, Inc. Facebook store.

Check out just a little of what you could be experiencing in less than 3 months from now!

Girl Power 



Courtesy of Chocolate City J'ouvert

Courtesy of Chocolate City J'ouvert

Monday Mas

Tuesday Mas


Plenty more pictures in the Trinidad Carnival 2011 Superpost!
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