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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Part 2: Update on Earl (storm over the Eastern Caribbean)

More update: We cool except for deh power an yesterday been half day for work. All in all errting cool.

Update on Earl (storm over the Eastern Caribbean)

Update on Earl from my friend in the Virgin Islands: -- Gyul a tornado jus pass deh v.i. We ain have no power. I'n even waan talk abou t internet.

After ROUND 4! of carnival house-hunting: PRE-review of La Calypso Guesthouse, 46 French St, Woodbrook

Detailed nicely in the email to my crew (with names and other personal info removed of course)...basically I looked in the guardian, I looked through google search phrases related to cheap housing for carnival 2011, I even looked on the caribbean craigslist... and it boiled down to this one and nearby Melbourne Inn... but Melbourne seems to not have any free wireless and I would like SOME kind of perk included since everything else is real basic!

Hi Everyone,
I tried to call everyone last night but only got through with the guys.  Basically two things:

1. A flight is on FLY.COM with American Airlines from Miami to Port of Spain (with connecting flight though, in Puerto Rico I think) for $346 from Thursday March 3 to Thursday March 10. I would say jump on that one, it's not getting cheaper than that!  

2. I had to look around to find somewhere for us to stay that would not break our budgets since housing was not part of the plan.  I found La Calypso, a small guesthouse in Woodbrook (same area we were going to stay in) on French Street 3 blocks from Ariapita Avenue where most of the action (except fetes) is happening, and 15 minutes walk from the Savannah (the main stage to cross for all competing carnival bands).  

I spoke with the people at the place both yesterday and this morning to confirm or disprove some of what I saw in comments about the place online (such as that only some of the rooms have a/c, which apparently was true years ago but not now).  

Two-story building, 3 beds per room (one bunk and one single).  3 men and 3 women in our group so clearly the 3 men going in one room and the 3 women going in the other.  The place has:
  • all tile floors, 
  • all rooms a/c, 
  • cable, 
  • free wireless internet and a single computer in the back if you didn't bring a laptop, 
  • easy access to taxis right outside to and from the location, and the lady I have been speaking with confirms what I've been reading online: it is much cheaper to catch taxis around than to try and rent a car or hire a car with a driver.
The only downside being the bathroom is not private to us, it's shared.  There is a shared bathroom downstairs we can use, and a shared bathroom upstairs we can use, so we don't all 6 have to wait on 1 bathroom to be available, ALTHOUGH had we stayed at the friend's place we WOULD have been all 6 using one bathroom, so this works out a little better far as time is concerned.  

Trust me, I spent a lot of time and money looking around and calling around to places in Trinidad [note: it was trying to Google the telephone number of Admiral's Inn, which on the map seemed located rather far from where we needed to be, that turned up a Yellow Pages listing of several guesthouses in trinidad, and that allowed me to change my mind on Admiral's Inn and narrow my search down to only places located in Woodbrook that were not charging an arm, a leg, and a firstborn child!]; even places that have advertised rates of $40-$50 a night triple and quadruple their rate for Carnival time without apology). This place is charging a little over $1,000 total for all 6 of us for 9 days.  For comparison to what the NORMAL carnival rate is, check,, or call down to the other guesthouses and you will find the total for 6 of us for 2 rooms including the charge for extra adults in each room (many hotels and some guesthouses do this!) is $4,000-$5,000 USD EASILY. 

Plus, we are not there to live the high life in a hotel, we are there to be OUT, so for me personally as long as the area is safe, the beds are clean, and the bathroom is clean, I am good to go, and from what I am reading, that seems to be the case with this place.  I don't have luxury money so I don't expect luxury accomodations. I am trying to save as much money as possible towards the fun part of carnival, not spend it all on this little housekeeping type stuff.

The place does not have it's own website and does not do online or card-by-phone reservations, so I will have to wire the deposit down as we did with the costume registrations, or possibly FedEx it.  [Note to Trinidadian government or its carnival division: encourage your small businesses and especially businesses that rely on carnival traffic to get up to the times! Give them some grant money or something to develop some 21st century functionality, because this is ridiculous for those of us who can't or just don't want to throw away $4,000-$5,000 USD for places like Samise Guesthouse and Crowne Plaza Hotel!)]

Here are mentions of the place I found online so far...keep in mind just like the one about only "some" rooms having a/c, they might be outdated reports. Also, they have rooms that have the bathroom private to the rooms, but those rooms are already taken for carnival...which shows you why we have to sort this out from now, and quick too!  At least this means it is a normal guesthouse, just smaller than some others, and established enough to show up on several sites listing guesthouses, not just some fly by night operation. (please note that the article is reporting on the rise of robberies in the Woodbrook area...but it's in Port of Spain, all major cities tend to have either high crime or rising crime, yet tourists come and leave and have a great time...New York is the same way, Miami same way, Kingston and Montego Bay same I hope no one panics off the report)...  I would be alarmed if I heard reports of a rise in gangs and gun warfare in the area, and that article didn't even say those robbers were armed.  Teef a regular ting, everywhere!  

However, the general manager (at least at the time, I was told the manager now is a lady named Merle, not sure if they are both managers) of La Calypso was quoted in this article, and he does mention that La Calypso has guests who are regulars, which is always a good sign).  

He also thinks it's just the robbers keeping them away...look at the work I have to go through to find information on them, when places down the street have their own websites?  I think their regulars are discovering other options on the net as well and they need to get with the program and at the very least have a facebook or myspace or other type of free page if they can't maintain a whole website!

A review of another place in March 2009 had this to say about Woodbrook:
Firstly, it's location in Woodbrook is ideal - it's a five minute walk to the local restaurants, bars, and nightclubs and a fifteen minute walk to either St James or the city centre. Both Woodbrook and St James are entirely safe for tourists and sufficiently far away from the more troublesome eastern suburbs to allow you to walk around at night quite happily.

[P.S. They agreed to email me pictures of the rooms and the place, so I wait to see those and/or the report from our contact who walks in down there when the time comes.]

From the blog Doing It Since 6: YUMA ladies listen up... what the men do and DON'T want to see on the road!

Look who's shouting out the YUMA ladies!

Doing It Since 6: YUMA ladies listen up... what the men do and DON'T want to see on the road!

ROFL at this post, Joseph Don's telling you straight from the men's point of view and getting back to basics with how to rep frontline and backline costumes of your section!
I don't know why he's telling the backline only to JAM DEM though...cause I'm frontline and I already posted that is my OFFICIAL THEME SONG! I'm jealous he got comments already with his first full post though. People mostly send me comments everywhere BUT the blog lol. But long as we know people reading and interested (I'm a sometimes-guest blogger over there and all-the-time webmaster cause you know all the sun, fun, and rum he's on makes the technical details not his style at all, lol).
And he did send a little word of advice to the men as well so don't think you all got away gentlemen!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Check it out! Evolution Mix CD - DJ Stephen

My BOY DJ Stephen (repping Trinidad) has his new mix CD out! I know we all need some VIBES in the mp3 player to carry us through the workout and the workday!

Parental Advisory etc.

He just had the mixtape release party here in Atlanta at Opera (hot nightclub). Check the Evolution flyer below (and yeah that's him on there, ladies what you think? lol).  Let him know what you think of the album and catch him playing in a city near you with Poundaz Int'l.!

Workouts...Carnival and Otherwise!

So who kicked their workouts into gear after finally knowing what they getting ready to wear on the road? I actually started working out back in June but-YEAH!

Check out some of the YouTube videos to the left of the blog posts...they include exercise videos with things you can try at home!  Just need a fitness ball or other home-friendly equipment.

YUMA's appeal...what makes them so hot?

Maybe it's the reports of excellent customer service day after day after ...maybe it's their social media savvy ...maybe it's the LIVE vibes of their masqueraders on the YUMA Vibe Facebook page, livest page with the most interaction from the band (not just dissemination of information) ...maybe it's the iPads the staff walked around in the mas camp with showing each potential masquerader the costumes and taking questions ...maybe it's the HOT 360-degree views of the costumes on live models that delighted so many of us (I know it sold me!) on the YUMA website! Maybe it's even the reports of lots of hot guys showing up to register in mas camp last week! lol!

All we know is, "no room to move up in here but the VIBES NICE ...we don't really care what nobody say, we come to ramajay!" YUMA is ALRIGHT!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wow! The Facebook Fan Page Already Has Followers!

12 of them, actually, and they are not all people I knew!  I am definitely glad to see that because for some reason if a fan of the page had not suggested it to me, it would never cross my mind to make a Facebook fan page for this blog when the blogging itself is so new!

This blog, as we say in Jamaica, a tek life! lol  Feel like celebrating all my newfound technical savvy too, because it is no small thing to get all social media linked to and from the blog, so it is rewarding to see such immediate results on all the effort!

Carnival Jumbie's Pictures of Ronnie & Caro Costumes

Pictures from their band launch last night (Saturday August 28, 2010)

And THIS ONE! Pretty!

Scorpio Male Joins Leo Male: SOLD OUT in YUMA Mas Camp!

From YUMA:

Afternoon YUMAS! Reminder we are closed today, tomorrow and Tuesday (as it is a national holiday in Trinidad). Tomorrow we will have details needed for online registrants. Thanks 2 u, yesterday Cancer regular, Capricorn regular and Scorpio Male joined the costumes SOLD OUT at the camp. HUGS!

I see from the update my section is completely sold out now! NICE!

Please remember all costumes, all options, have some reserved for online sales. This is about who is sold out on the ground (at the mas camp in Trinidad).

Get your information saved to copy and paste when the time comes! I blogged about Saucy's advice on that so don't forget!

How to Respond When Social Media Attacks Your Brand

Thanks to Saucy (Trinidadcarnivaldiary) for this heads up!

People need to treat their individual selves online as a brand too, and figure out how best to manage it!

Hurricane Earl, Expected to Hit Antigua, Barbuda, Virgin Islands soon!

Hurricane Earl, 2010 / Stormpulse / Hurricanes, severe weather, tracking, mapping

Eloquence, Inc blog: now on Facebook, Twitter, NetworkedBlogs, and mobile updates!

On THAT note, I think that's the last of the updates and links to and from the page for a WHILE! I don't want it to get too BUSY and intimidate first-timers who are probably already having a hard time finding information efficiently on the Web!

But let me know what you think of the look and updates so far, open to (constructive) comments, questions, praises, and concerns!

Eloquence, Inc. on Facebook
Eloquence, Inc. on NetworkedBlogs
Eloquence, Inc. on Email
Eloquence, Inc. on Twitter (you can follow the blog on mobile by texting "follow eloquenceinc" to Twitter at 40404...make sure you already assigned your phone number to your Twitter account on the Twitter site)

Enjoy!  Share it, tweet it, blog it, like it, follow it, subscribe to it...NO shortage of options for keeping up to date! Use one or use them all! :) Thank you for the support and encouragement from so many in such a short space of time!  I am really enjoying the blog and the writing!

From Trinidadcarnivaldiary: Ronnie And Caro Band Launch Pics

They launched last night, August 28!

What do you think?

How to Create A Facebook Page

Thanks to a YUMA who suggested I create one...then I tried to look in my fb apps to do it and realized I don't know how!

So you know me, research research research.

Now up to question 21! YUMA: Registration Information and YUMA Q&A on Special Orders/Options!

Eloquence, Inc.: YUMA: Registration Information and YUMA Q&A on Special Orders/Options!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

About $6,000 TTD for Spice's Jubilee Frontline

*raises eyebrows, drops jaw, blinks to clear vision and check again...nope, still there!* ROFL

I don't even want to begin calculating how much that is in USD cause whatever it is it's NUFFFF!

Lessons to learn in how to EFFICIENTLY and QUICKly complete online registration, from Trinidad Carnival Diary

Make CAREFUL note of her (Saucy, author of the blog below) preparation and navigation process!

UPDATED! Trinidad Carnival 2011: The Mas Choices Album

Eloquence, Inc.: Trinidad Carnival 2011: The Mas Choices Album

Check @carnivaldiary on Twitter for TRIBE sold out updates!

My phone is burning up! Gladiator male was the first male to sell out!

Xian Warriors frontline the first female!  In 4 MINUTES of registration opening, because if I am not mistaken TRIBE's completley online registration began at noon today!

Persian Gold, Iroquois, and Amazon frontlines GONE! (I loved that Iroquois!)
Here's Persian Gold:

Mayan Eagle frontline with backpack GONE!
And I would bet MONEY that Mayan Eagle male INDIVIDUAL was the first male individual to go!

*UPDATE* I would have lost that bet, seems GLADIATOR MALE INDIVIDUAL was the first to go!

Xian female section completely GONE 8 minutes into registration!

Mayan Eagle section complete GONE, Masai female (Zulu is the male of it) GONE,  Amazon female section completely GONE! 9 minutes in!

Iroquois section completely GONE! 10 minutes in!

check her tweets for more updates!

My carnival THEME song from NOW!

Kevin Lyttle's Jam Dem with Allison Hinds.  He has a BEAUTIFUL voice! Second version is just him and it wicked too...I would play this all day all night!

How Far We've Come Since Aug 8! - YUMA Band Launch Photoshoot in Trinidad ft. Daphne Joy (2010)

YouTube - YUMA Band Launch Photoshoot in Trinidad ft. Daphne Joy (2010)

YUMA now has a mailing list option on the website's main page!

Scroll down below the Zodiac signs

Can't say YUMA didn't WARN you: avoid online registration madness if you can!

From YUMA:
online registration soon come. However, If you are in Trinidad, we strongly recommend you register at the camp as online registration will have global competition for costumes...

I will add if you have a friend, family member, old college classmate, anyone, that can walk in the camp for you and is reliable, get them in there!  There is a MONEYGRAM right outside the mas camp, however I am not clear if it's located inside a bank or not, so you might want to stick with Western Union to Port-of-Spain if wiring for a same-day pickup and registration on the weekend.

Another option my oh-so-smart aunty suggested is to FedEx the money (and of course all YUMA's required registration information--typed, not in your own potentially crazy handwriting!) straight into the mas camp, preferably to a contact you spoke with who was told to expect it and who would be working at mas camp OPENING time the day it is due!   If I had thought of this nifty option earlier, I could have saved all the acrobatics of the week getting my crew registered and just told them to send me all their monies, typed up all their info, and sent the whole thing one time and done!

If you are registering more than one person for what's available in mas camp, I suggest that option.  And I suggest a column on the far right of your sheet with everyone's info that shows the required deposit for each person's choice (use currency converter and round up to the nearest $1 or $5), then total that, and buy one cashier's cheque for the total of everybody's money.  That or include all the separate payments with the name of the person it's for written on the payment so there is no confusion about the money.

Of course, call YUMA and make sure how they want things done, these are just suggestions.

Where are the YUMA Virgos?

I think everybody sleeping on the BLING in this section enuh! And have you seen the Virgo individual costume? It's going to look glorious on the road'! Look how it glistens in the rather dim lighting of the photo shoot...imagine that multiplied umpteen times by sunlight on the road!

CORRECTED VERSION: YUMA mas camp sold out

Eloquence, Inc.: YUMA mas camp sold out

YUMA mas camp sold out

A A well look at that, we jumpin in d same section. i really wanted the FL but it sell out when we got there so we got the BL, its beautiful all d same :)
YUMAs and aspiring YUMAs let's stay focused!  There are 9 sections with a frontline (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Aries have no frontline although Aries comes with a frontline-style headpiece option)! *UPDATE ALL 9* are sold out on the ground and now only available in limited quantities when online registration begins!  ...What to do? STOP the hand-wringing, look for either a backline you like or a backline that can have an optional backpack/large headpiece, and just get your backside and your $$ in the mas camp today from 11am!  Yes I said 11 that wasn't a typo!  

For those who waiting on online because they are FRONTLINE OR DIE (lol) what Saucy from said: put all the required registration information (see my YUMA Registration/Q&A blog post) in Word, save it, and have it all ready to COPY AND PASTE when online opens up!  Word on fb is all those who don't get into TRIBE this weekend are going to rush YUMA so doan ramp wid it!

Libra backline is available (and I am reading from people in the section that it is available with the backpack)!  Aries backline with a large headpiece is available!

Capricorn frontline is *CORRECTION* NO LONGER available!

In other news, I LIKE the new costume selection screen on the site!  Shows all options at once!

Friday, August 27, 2010

YUMA sold out update: even a male section is sold out (mas camp not online)

So who's in the completely sold out (except online) sections?

From YUMA:

YUMA SOLD OUT UPDATE: WOW! Great support already for Registration Day 4! Thank U ALL!

The following costumes are SOLD OUT @ the camp:


  • Aquarius (FL & BL),
  • Pisces (FL & BL),
  • Scorpio (FL & BL),
  • Oracle (FL & BL),
  • Taurus (FL & BL),
  • Leo (FL),
  • Cancer (FL),
  • Libra (FL). *note, you can order Libra backline (bl) with a frontline (fl) backpack!

  • Leo.

UPDATED Eloquence, Inc.: YUMA: Registration Information and YUMA Q&A on Special Orders/Options!

Last question (so far) added to answer whether frontlines reserved for online purchase or not!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

And the mad dash for YUMA finish line begins! in the last lap!  I have less than 12 hours to get two friends registered in two different sections.  The good news is, one is male.  Yuh know di man dem always safe (except with individual costumes).  The bad news is, the female's desired section is on the edge of selling out (I predicted Pisces, I'm calling this one next!)...

T-minus about 12 hours and counting...

From Trinidad Carnival Diary: TEN COMMANDMENTS OF FRONTLINE H.O.ism

I guess I now need to take note of these!

--ORIGINAL MSG: Yuma Vibe YUMA SOLD OUT UPDATE: Aquarius SECTION is SOLD OUT! Thank you SO much for your support!
--ORIGINAL MSG: Yuma Vibe SOLD OUT UPDATE: Cancer Frontline and Leo Frontline are both sold out at the mas camp.

Lack of skilled workers threatens recovery: Manpower - Yahoo! Finance

It's time we get back into encouraging VARIED paths out of high school depending on the personality, aptitude, and goals of the graduate. Not everybody needs or wants 4 years of college right away. Some could learn trades in 6 months to 2 years and be earning money sooner rather than later...and can always go ahead and earn a degree if they feel ready and willing (and in this age of debt, able!) later on. is on Facebook!

For all the late starters who easily fit into A, B, and C cups, one way to get into traditionally sold out carnival mas bands such as Tribe and Harts (and now YUMA? lol) is to scout out resales of costumes on sites such as fineahban (the name means, literally, "find a band").

Of course you are limited to the measurements of those posting costumes for resale, so those with unusual sizing will NOT want to rely on this method for getting into a hot band! But many people have used this site over the years, just use common sense and be aware of the original price versus the asking price when the costumes start to pop up for the 2011 season. Happy Hunting!

Be aware that from what I have seen posted on more than one band's website and/or Facebook page, WRITTEN consent from the original owner and proper ID from you matching the name on the letter for someone other than the person named on the band's registration list to pick up the costume.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

58 Days Until Taste of Atlanta! - October 23 & 24, 2010 Tech Square in Midtown

Taste of Atlanta - October 23 & 24, 2010 Tech Square in Midtown

Facebook | Generation X Band Launch pics! "Cocktails" @ Mahi Temple On 8/21/10

Miami Carnival is coming up Columbus Day weekend (first weekend in October) as it does every year in Bicentennial Park, Miami, Florida! Check out one of the most popular masquerade bands in Miami and you can register to play mas with them starting THIS WEEK.

From GenX: Costumes will be available for purchase this Thursday on

Trinidad Carnival 2011 The Costumes Edition

Updated with Oracle and Aquarius male section pics, and LEO frontline and male pics!

Trinidad Carnival Diary: YUMA Costume Close Ups

Saucy posted closeup shots from her visit to YUMA's mas camp Trinidad Carnival Diary: YUMA Costume Close Ups


Harts mas band facebook page...I notice from the comments YUMA is not the only one with a higher price for online registration!
Female down payment is $1200 plus any extras such as capes, panels or extra bottom pieces. Male deposit is $1000 and online deposits for both male and female is $1500.

YouTube - Trinidad carnival 2010 in Tribe Band.flv

Tribe, one of the most popular bands in Trinidad... clip from the road in Trinidad 2010!

YouTube - masjumbies's Channel

Check out Mas Jumbies on YouTube

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

YUMA still has costumes reserved for online purchase in ALL sections. GET UR DEPOSIT $ UP! 50 % DOWNPAYMENT ONLINE!
Yuma Vibe UPDATE: Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius frontline costumes are SOLD OUT.

Costumes h

YUMA Registration/Costume Q&A Updates Including Corrected Info/More Questions Answered!

Again, I'm collecting all the questions I find answered in one spot so we can all have the same info in one place, especially for us D and DD cup women!

Follow me if you like and feel free to post comments!

Trinidad Carnival 2011 The Costumes Edition

Updated with DreamTeam TNT ( costume picks from their launch Saturday 8/21!
(And trying to find some pics from Showtime's launch...)

YUMA Registration/Costume Q&A updates incl. NEW CONTACT INFO & HOURS

* New information is in between two asterisks like this! *

5 followers on my blog (including through Google connect) in less than 48 hours!

Wow! I also got this comment in my private messages:
i read your blog with the questions for YUMA! amazing!! I'm a plus size who would love to throw on a wire bra and play mas in a frontline lol. i'm not seeing any indication of sizes being offered which is poor. people always forget that one may be a fine twine but the boobies or behind may be larger than life!
I am so glad my blog is already making a positive impact where it's needed and I MUST say BIG UPS to Terrance of who has been encouraging me to share with the world our mutual love of travel and good useful information in my own blog instead of where only people I know can see!  He gave me the a-b-c of getting this done right and finally turned my fire on, and it is BLAZING!

I really don't see a lot of blogging for the bigger girls (whether big in breast and backside only or bigger period) so rest assured as long as I need those answers myself, you'll be getting them too cause I'm passing it right along! :)

And another...really liking the responses. Hope if there are any constructive critiques they can come same way!
I just had to say that I love your blog...very well put together!

Response from YUMA re: why no special order whole pieces/tankinis

From YUMA:  It is more a matter of choice. There are options built in for the brave (wire bra posse) and plunge corsets in Pisces and the more conservative - regular corset in Pisces, virgo monokini and of course Aqaurius frontline. What's really cool is that these options are built into the band and available to all - not being sold of in a quiet corner or causing embarassment for special "hushed" requests. We not on that. However, if folks choose something custom, which many have, we've announced to all this is possible for the costumes accross the board with the provision of your own items. This is not limited to any size and is applicable for those of all sizes. We've gone to great lengths to allow for comfort but some masqueraders want to go the extra mile for extra wow. Lots of feedback on this matter on the YUMA page as well. Thanks to all for the interest and feedback.

Honestly their point is obvious to me when I look at it... they are a new band too many options to start with will overly complicate di ting (and make the band have too many in one section and not enough in another, I am sure they want people to spread out among all sections and this is a brilliant way to do it, lol). I can tell this band is trying to get it RIGHT and pay attention to details.  

They have options in frontline and backline price ranges that fit a variety of body coverage (and EXPOSURE for the rebels out here lol) requirements, and will decorate your own brassiere or corset if you send it in, it is only if you have greater than a C cup that everything frontline (except Pisces corset which fits up to D) is more expensive for you (I call it The D Cup Tax on Frontline lol).  If you don't want to pay The D Cup Tax, you can play backline (and I am sure can still send in your own brassiere for that too), or get your monokini type of coverage through the Virgo section.  I also think not having tankini (except the monokini frontlines and Virgo monokini) and wholepiece options keeps them from getting too complicated and keeps the band looking much more uniform section by section.    Basically you either order what you saw at launch in individuals or on the site's 360-degree views, or you send in a corset for them to decorate according to the section you want.  Not a bad deal, really.  

I don't trust the corset business simply because I have never worn one so I have no clue about the fit on me and would never use a vacation that requires so much MOVEMENT to experiment with that!  So if there are others like me I suggest they take a step back from the hype of the hottest sections, think about (write down if you need to!) what your costume MUST have to actually look halfway decent on you on the road, and note your budget (!!!) and then find a section that provides what you need as is.  If you must play in blue this year, you already know if you playing YUMA you playing either Pisces or Aquarius.  Your budget determines individual, special order, frontline, or backline, and your aesthetic wishes determine if you playing to show or cover breasts, belly, backside...(that was a euphemism for wire brassiere or no, monokini/corset or no, bikini or thong/t-back or no, lol).  If you must play a frontline and in a t-back...heyyyy Leo and Aquarius giving you everything you need...long as you ready to pay for a frontline and pay The D Cup Tax on Frontline (lol) if you above a C cup!

Monday, August 23, 2010

YUMA mas camp new number! (868) 628-1919

YUMA Registration update

From YUMA:

Yuma Registration @12 Alacazar St. 12noon-6pm Aug 24th. U will need: sizes (bra, waistband, panty, torso (if fl), pants, chest (male), phone #, Date of Birth, email address, cell number, food preference, allergies (food) and xtra piece desires of all you are registering. Sorry no tankinis and no whole pieces available. Feel free to post this update to your profile.

TrinidadEvents posts some info on D'krewe 2011

YUMA: Registration Information and YUMA Q&A on Special Orders/Options!

Message from YUMA:

 * Hi All. Costumes have been reserved for online registration & ALL COSTUMES will be available @registration from 12noon at 12 Alcazar St. 
More Registration Details: Cash, Linx and VISA/ Master Card will be accepted at the camp. Our # has changed as the camp's lines are installed (868)628-1919. 
Hey YUMAs! Whether registering online or in person you will need: 
  • bra size (If providing your own bra or corsette, decorating fee will be applied and deadline to drop off these items (bras & corsettes) is October 31, 2010. YOU MUST STATE THIS IN COMMENTS SECTION OF REGISTRATION E-FORM.)
  • panty size (and style preference * Thong, boy shorts, bikini. Note for some frontlines like leo FL and Scorpio frontline, they cannot change the bottom type.) *
  • waist band size (where you want your belt to fall)
  • Note: FL with monokinis also need their torso's measurement ([Shoulder] to crotch, collar bone to navel + 4 inches)
  • * xtra piece desires (xtra pieces = additional boy shorts, bikini, thong @ $80 [TT dollars!] each) * 
    • chest size (by t-shirt size... * Males need their chest size as s/m/l/xl/xxl etc. *)
    • pant size
    For both: 

    • email ( for identification - acts as a deterrent for fraud and confusing people with the same name.)
    • date of birth
    • food preference * and allergies *
      • the options are chicken, fish or vegetarian 
    To prevent disappointment, have a top 3 costume picks and be ready for registration. 
    Get ready! 
     We'll share more info on online registration tomorrow [that is, today, Monday August 23!]. We'll do our best to make costumes available for those of you abroad. No need for our foreign team to fell they will be closed out. Hugs and more info ASAP!
     YUMA answers questions on registration, special orders, special options, special sizing
    1. Hey yuma, what is the max amount of persons one can register?
    There is no max. However, you are responsible for the down payment and all correct information being entered.
     2. Will yall be using the spandex type bras or will it be the exact same bras that yall have at the mas camp?
    The bras for the road will be like those at the camp. If you want to to increase support you may select to tie your costume as a halter.
     3. Does the gemini green section have a mens costume?
     4. I would like to know when does registration start?
    Registration starts on Tuesday August 24th!
     5. Yuma please clarify:

    1.when is public registration-tuesday or wednesday
    2.availability of FL costumes for non pre-registered masqueraders.

    Registration begins on Tuesday [August 24]. There are frontline and regular costumes for sale for every section with a frontline (Gemini, for example, does not have a frontline). There has been a LOT of interest in Individual costumes and some have been reserved however, until downpayments are made, costumes are not considered sold. Once everyone has a few options (top choices) you should be ok. 
     6. Hi yuma, I noticed that the leg pieces on the Capricorn FL shown @ the launch are different to what I see on the website. Which one is it?
    Its the ones on the website - great shrug and and large headpiece though. Capricorns represent!
     7. YUMA....looking forward to your answer on individual prices :)
    Individuals are indeed a hefty investment. Those interested in same may now call the camp between 1 and 4pm to speak directly with production.
    8.  Can women choose bathing suit and tankini?
    Sorry, no, tankinis and wholepieces (other than the frontline monokinis) are not available. At registration those needing custom bras can discuss those options at the camp [overseas folks call and/or email in!] and be advised where and if possible.
    9.  For the bkline sections for capricorn & pisces, is there a way where we could pay extra for a feather collar?
    You can pay for the extra collar in Pisces only. Hope this helps. [Option and pricing on the website]
     10. What time is opening hours on weekends?



    Tues - Fri: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

    Sat: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm *

    11. Yuma XL and XXL scorpio = how much $$?  Your "make it a halter for more support" idea...does that work for scorpio frontline?
     NO. Scorpio frontline is a monokini. For ladies with larger breasts, support may be a concern and a corset may be a better option. Final prices for corsets are not yet available.
    12.  What are the sizings for D and DD cups on Pisces frontline?  And prices for each of those sizings?
    The Pisces Frontline corset can support up to size D. The plunge corset may not be the best selection for those needing support who may prefer the standard corset. 
    13. Is Virgo monokini option needing a backline deposit or a frontline deposit?
    Virgo Monokini is a monokini option requiring a regular deposit. Note that this costume is a standard monokini with no bones. 
    14. Also, to be clear, Virgo's monokini...does it have a brassiere size limit like the frontlines after which you pay more, or are D and DD cups safe on that one with the regular price listed on the site?
    Virgo monokini can accommodate D and DD however, be certain of comfort and support - as we know, one DD is not like another DD so it depends on your preference. 

    15. Are we getting a Monday wear ??? If yes .. what is it ??
    Yes to Monday wear. Details to follow shortly.
    16. Someone in my crew has a question - How does torso measure?? Thanks!
    [Shoulder] to crotch, collar bone to navel + 4 inches.
    17.  I never did hear back on the price for XL and XXL scorpio frontline?
    Scorpio frontline is the same cost for L and XL but note that monokini has NO UNDERWIRE or stitching so again, its all based on preference. Some like more support than others.
    18. That aquarius that a one size fits most, and if not, what breast and waist/hip sizes does its s, m, l, xl, xxl fit? 
    Aquarius FL dress is a one size but will fit differently depending on hip size. As it can't be changed (its all connected like a chain), can be risky if you can't visit the camp in person to determine. Also, if you are not a costume jewelry person - it may not be right for you.
    19.  Do you know if they reserved any frontline costumes for online registration? I've noticed that they haven't really specified and it just occurred to me that maybe they didn't.
    Keep in mind I asked this about Scorpio frontline, but there is NO reason it would not apply to all other frontlines since Scorpio was among the first to sell out on day 1. They DID confirm that there would be frontline Scorpio reserved for sale online. Of course keep in mind the size of the band and the fact that most would have been sold on the ground. So clearly it's not the same amount available online as on the ground, else the size of the band would double.
    Actually wait, I know one person who I tried to get into a different frontline on the ground and it was sold out and they said she could try for it when they open online. So YES they are reserving some frontlines for online registration!

    Be the Human Torch (BLAZING) with those keyboard clicks!
    20.  I am not an F...but I may need one step up from that DD *blushing* I live in NYC so how would I supply them with a bra of my own if I decided to do that?
    Mail it to them. Call the number top left (on YUMA'sfacebook page) and ask for the complete mailing address (12 Alcazar Street, etc.) and any special directions for fedex, dhl, USPS global, etc.
    21.  Hey can you guys indicate the percentage of costumes reserved for online see as much as I wanna play with you guys I won't be infront my pc whole day waiting for the online option to become available!! I'm already got measured at the camp for scorpio fl..if its a lil bit let me knw if to start looking for a 2nd option please??
    From YUMA: 
    Folks waiting for online, we are getting closer and will advise on the date giving sufficient notice as requested. Online registration soon come. However, If you are in Trinidad, we strongly recommend you register at the camp as online registration will have global competition for costumes... (from this post made yesterday!)
    From me:
     1. they said they would give plenty advance notice when it opens up. 
    2. They already said several times on the page to have your options 1, 2, AND 3 ready to go, so yes, look around for at least TWO more options, and try to make one of them NOT a frontline or at least try to make it a bl with backpack!

    3. There are less available online than there were at camp because if they sold the same amount online as they did in camp, they would practically double the intended size of the online is Section Total - Ground Sales = Online Quota.

    4. They also warned here on the page if you live in Trinidad they STRONGLY suggest you buy yours on the ground (so, whatever's available) cause you going to face "global" competition for online registration.

    Libra bl comes with a backpack option, if you want a frontline look you might want to grab that from noon Wednesday (September 1, 2010) when they reopen!

    Note from me: CALL the mas camp and tell them your measurements to find out if you should order S, M, L, XL, or XXL in monokinis etc.!  XL and XXL are *correction NOT* extra.  Corsets/bustiers outside of Pisces frontline are extra.  Also, D and DD cups wearing Scorpio frontline can request a thicker/wider strap be made on theirs for that top strap around the back, find out any extra pricing for that from them!

    My Trinidad 2k11 Costumes album (Trinidad Carnival 2011 Costumes) has a screen shot picture of their address and contact information, or you can check their site: or their facebook: (where ALL the action is popping off, lol)!

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