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Saturday, December 18, 2010

TrinidadCarnivalDiary announces fete ticket sources for Trinidad Carnival 2011!

Check out Saucy's blog here.

I know I bought tickets from TrinidadFeteTickets and they report Girl Power VIP as sold out... but of course I hope people are getting web-savvy by now and know if the vendor is not the one putting on the show, then they were given some of the tickets, not all, so when they say sold out they mean THEY are sold out of tickets, not that all tickets possible for the event are gone.

Salybia (Trinidad)

I honestly preferred to buy all my tickets from one source, but as I see a couple on one of Saucy's mentioned fete ticket sites that I wanted but did not see in the drop boxes on TFT, I think I'll mosey on over there and see if I can check off ALL the events I intend to buy tickets to in Trinidad before the year is done!
J'ouvert (Jamaica)
My goal is for me to go to TNT with ONLY the cash that's for ME...all fete, costume, housing, external type expenses should be done with before I get there, if I can at all help it!  Cause please know, all this preliminary planning and making lists and checking them twice is DONE WITH the second I step on that plane in Atlanta!  LOL!

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