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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Private School K-12 season kicks off & FINANCIAL AID application starts Nov. 1!

Read on to find out why anyone should look into private school. But first, a chance to ask questions and collect information just like a college fair or job fair is coming up in Atlanta on October 7.  From the PeachtreePresbyterian site:

Atlanta School Fair

10/07/2010 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Atlanta School Fair
The Lodge at Peachtree Presbyterian Church
3417 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA 30305
Opportunity for parents to meet independent and public school staff and receive information regarding elementary schools.

Now about the major part of getting into a private school: affording it!

School and Student Services (SSS)

Many, many private schools use the SSS system provided by the National Association of Independent Schools...and the SSS begins processing financial aid applications November 1, 2010 for the 2011-2012 school year!  Register at the link above and be ready with tax return, employment, and other information!

This is basically like applying to college, you have to start a year early. Why do I (and why should anyone, particularly minorities) consider private school?

  1. Religion. I would like religion to be part of my child's education
  2. UNIFORMS. It's like the difference between being dressed in a suit for work and being dressed in a tank top and jeans for and everyone around you just takes you more seriously and you are more focused and less distracted when you are dressed for what you came to do (lab coat for scientist or doctor, scrubs for nurse, coveralls for mechanic, uniform for student!). Not to mention it reminds me of the great schools back home in Jamaica, all of which use uniforms. No one knows how much or how little money your family has based on how you dressed for school!
  3. Foreign language.  French or Spanish fluency from early, anyone? 
  4. Financial Aid. I won't know how much aid I will get until I TRY, and one thing people tend not to realize in assuming private school is for the rich, is that most of the families at private schools these days are what the rest of us consider "money"...and many of them are getting financial aid.  That SHOULD mean little old me with normal-people income should get a nice bit of change.  But it's up to each school to decide, which is why it's best for those interested to just TRY and see.  If you are already used to paying childcare it might be a bit of a crunch for that bill to continue in the form of private school education instead of going down by half (to afterschool care, if necessary) or zero when your child starts school...but if you can manage it and cut down in other areas, even change the work schedule so you can be home by the time school is out, all the other reasons for private school will be well worth it.  College is NOT the one-size-fits-all answer to everyone's life that it use to be, and can be financed by the student through scholarships and loans.  The primary and secondary education on which the rest of their lives are built, whether they choose college or some other avenue, should not be overlooked as far as quality! (Note: going to public school doesn't automatically mean it's overlooked...unless your school is failing or near it and/or full of behaviour problems)
  5. Diversity.  It's a win-win here, they want to diversify racially AND socio-economically...and admitting my child does both for them in one nice, neat package.  This often backfires if you switch a child into private for high school when networks and friendships have already formed and solidified (and this is true even in public, but much worse in private where classes are smaller).  However starting a child from pre-K or Kindergarten often means they are part of the developing networks from the very beginning and cannot be seen as an outsider if they have always been there and been involved.  It's a theory of mine that I feel is sound.
  6. Connections. Public schools are very transient, and hardly anyone keeps in touch with people they knew from kindergarten all the way through...these days you are lucky if anyone keeps in touch with people they knew before COLLEGE and work!  The people I know who went to private school in Jamaica and/or the U.S. have close friendships with their schoolmates that have survived distance and different circumstances in life.  Public schools just are not that cohesive. Plus the movers and shakers of a community/city generally send their children to private school... 
  7. Behaviour. It's generally well known that private school children are overall better behaved than public schools, and therefore teachers are more able to teach than just use up all their energy dealing with problem children.  It's also generally known that kids pick up on the behaviour of their if they are around children who are all sitting down, lining up, or raising their hand at the appropriate times...they are not going to want to be that oddball off to the side doing something else crazy.
  8. CLASS SIZES. I think most young children do better when a teacher doesn't have to divide her time amongst 20+ young children of the same age!  Most public schools have one teacher per room, as well.  Most (or at least many) private schools are well known for half the class size of the public schools, and some will have two teachers per room.

Schedule a school tour and have them interview your child if they require it BEFORE you go handing over $75 to $100 in application fees, though.

Open houses and school fairs are coming up as well so either visit the websites of private schools you are interested in or stay tuned to sites like Private School Review and Greatschools for school-specific data and parent reviews!  Most of the private schools operate on basically the same timeline nationwide, I come across some things I will share!

Side note if you don't know where the nearest private schools are to your house or your job, put in the address in Google maps, click your address on the left, then choose "Search Nearby" from the pop-up on the map, and type in "school"... all public and private will show up and then you can use the two sites above to check them out before scheduling a tour.

Other side note: Catholic schools give discounts to practicing Catholics.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Update on male costumes in YUMA (females SOLD OUT!)

From YUMA:

 note the few male costumes left are spread out in 5 sections: Aquarius, Pisces, Sagitarius, Libra and Capricorn. Male costumes ONLY available at the Camp.

While some limin' - we working! Teams brainstorming and other teams finalizing details. YUMA on the road C2k11! We gettin' ready!

YUMA's costumes are in PRODUCTION phase now!

Hope everyone put in their correct measurements!  I just confirmed today that my measurements are complete, so now we just need the remaining slacker males to order the few male costumes left so we can be a FULL HOUSE!

Remember to check YUMA's facebook page by searching facebook for YUMA Vibe.

Di MAS is ON di way!

La Calypso Guesthouse proves their customer service skills!

Yesterday afternoon La Calypso's manager, Merle Joseph, called me personally to check if the deposit receipt and balance info for our carnival rooms that I requested be sent to me had arrived in the mail as yet.

They haven't, but it was GREAT to know that my request for her to send international mail was honored AND that she was taking initiative to check up on it!

More points for La Calypso, I bet I would not have gotten that kind of personal attention from some big hotel!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Good News! Southwest is buying out AirTran!

See details of the deal here. Remember AirTran use to be ValuJet before some infamous plane crashes sank that brand name's value and they went bankrupt and emerged as AirTran.  Looks like within a couple years they will be gone for good.  I bought someone an AirTran ticket for this Christmas, so let's see if that's affected when they start rolling this out.

So why is this good?  For one, as they pointed out, they do run complementary services.  Two, Southwest tends to be cheaper than AirTran as far as SALES are concerned.  Three, and most important to me, it really burned me when I discovered that Southwest does not serve Atlanta airport at all, the nearest they came was Jacksonville, Florida and Birmingham, Alabama. AirTran flies out of Atlanta, so Southwest taking them over means we finally get Southwest in the A!

I am hoping they get this done fast enough for Southwest to be flying out of Atlanta by March, but these things take so much time!  I'm so excited though, this might actually bring Atlanta's flight appeal up to the level of Miami Airport's!  If cheap flights from here can connect me to Spirit's cheap flights home out of Fort Lauderdale, for example, then it might be worth more to live in Atlanta's relatively better (than Miami's) job market.

And as my boy pointed out excitedly, it can mean better job opportunities.  He has wanted to work for Southwest for a while but they were not in Atlanta.  Maybe now he can get the chance!

Capitalism can kill the little guy when the big dogs get greedy, but the sheer competition and the benefits to the consumer can't be beat!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

JayZ and Warren Buffett made the COVER of Forbes magazine?!!!!

Yes, former crack dealer and superstar rapper Jay Z and the billionaire investor Buffett are rubbing elbows!

 Read the interview he even says if he hadn't had a lucky break in the music business he would be just like his friend that went to prison for 13 years!

I mean, if inner city kids have Jay Z to look up to, how are we suppose to convince them that the traditional way is better?

L-R Jay-Z (Sean Carter), Warren Buffett, Steve Forbes
Cause clearly neither of those two are doing things the traditional way.

I think us using rhetoric isn't going to work.  JayZ and all the folks who making it big without college degrees are actually entrepreneurs...their product just generally happens to be themselves.

Sadly I don't think pointing out that the many stars with millions and billions are still a drop in the bucket compared to the actual population of the U.S.  so they are not to base their chances for success in life on what the vast MINORITY are doing but what works for the middle 50%...they not SEEING the middle 50% cause nobody cares to interview them, that's too boring.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Sooo. What is the TOURISM like in Trinidad aside from Trinidad Carnival? Get the most vacation for your money!

I've been working on this blog post on and off the last few days that's why I haven't had as many blogs up!

The Nylon Pool (which I thought was just a section in TRIBE the year they came out with their absolutely AMAZING theme, What Lies Beneath).  Check out how far dude is from land and still not even waist deep in water!

The Caroni Bird Sanctuary

plus waterfalls, beaches, and more, read below!  And remember you can always check out where to find a tour company, pictures from other tourists, and reviews of many attractions on TripAdvisor's Trinidad page and find more information on this Trinidad and Tobago tourism site.  Nice detailed reviews of some of the major attractions plus beautiful pictures of each (which I'm borrowing for some of the pics in this blog) can be found here.

From Trinidad's Ministry of Tourism:


Aripo Caves
Aripo is a place of extremes.  It is home to the Aripo caves - T&T’s largest cave system as well as home to the country’s highest mountain peak, El Cerro del Aripo, which soars for some 3,000 feet. The Caves offer fabulous stalagmites and stalactites with oilbirds near their entrance. It takes a lengthy hike and a good guide to make your way there but the Caves are well worth the effort. 
Aripo Savannahs
The Aripo Savannahs was deemed an Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) by the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) in 2007. It is one of the largest remaining natural savannah eco-systems with endemic flora in Trinidad and Tobago. It provides a habitat for a number of the country’s rare and threatened species, including the White-tailed Golden Throat Hummingbird, Red Brocket Deer and Red-Bellied Macaws. Surely an eco-lover’s paradise.
El Tucuche
El Tucuche is the second highest mountain in Trinidad at a height of 3072 ft. As you wend your way up, the temperature changes around you as does the flora and fauna. On reaching the top, fantastic views surround you as Trinidad is visible at its glorious best from the summit.
Gasparee Caves
It is as pleasureable getting to the Caves as it is exploring them.  That’s because Gasparee Island, (also known as Gaspar Grande) is one of a chain of five islands situated just off the Western Peninsula of Trinidad (better known as "Down the Islands") that’s a popular vacation site for Trinidadians. On this island there exists a labyrinth of natural caves, filled with stalactites and stalagmites. A delight for the explorer in each of us!
Devil’s WoodyardRomantic myths surround the formation of this popular attraction: The Devil's Woodyard. The site actually contains an active mud volcano emitting through surface cracks warm, bubbling mud that forms into a cone as it cools. The Devil's Woodyard first erupted in 1852 and until the discovery of another mud volcano in 1964 at Moruga, it was thought to be the only one on the island. Since 1964, eighteen other mud volcanoes have also been located, usually in places where oil is produced.
La Brea Pitch Lake
While Sir Walter Raleigh’s claim of discovering the Pitch Lake in 1595 is disputed, everyone agrees that the Lake is an amazing site.  95-acres in size, the Lake is actually the world’s largest natural deposit of emulsified asphalt. Tar from the Lake has been used to provide high grade road surfaces not only in Trinidad, but it has also paved streets in over 50 countries.

Buccoo Reef
You can visit this underwater wonderland without getting wet – in a glass-bottomed boat – or you can go snorkelling. The 12 km-long Buccoo Reef stretches from Pigeon Point to Bon Accord Lagoon and is a protected area. It features many species of coral and other marvellous marine life, from tiny Jewel Fish to toothy reef sharks and barracudas.
Nylon Pool
This shallow surprise lies adjacent to the Buccoo Reef. Stand, swim or simply soak in the clear, still waters and marvel that just beyond its edges are the deeper waters of the reef. The Nylon Pool is said to rejuvenate those fortunate to bathe in it.
Main Ridge Forest Reserve
Discover the many reasons why this is the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere. These include the hundred-year-old trees, rare birds and diverse flora and fauna you will see along the visitor trails – all of which helped the Main Ridge Forest Reserve win the World Travel Award for Best Eco-Destination in 2003.

ECO SITES TRINIDAD (Notice you can catch that last one during Trinidad Carnival 2011 because it's in March!)
Botanical GardensThis serene beauty offers an international selection of plant and bird life, shady trees under which to picnic, and pathways that allow you and your thoughts to wander freely. The Gardens adjoin the official residences of the President and Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.
Emperor Valley ZooBordering the Botanical Gardens, the Zoo contains a diversity of animal exhibits. While the focus is on neo-tropical species, there are some exotic species too.
Asa Wright Nature Centre
Nestled on a slope of the Northern Range, Asa Wright’s 720 acres are home to a variety of birds, animals and plants. On the verandah of the main lodge alone, a visitor is likely to see 25 to 30 species of birds.
La Vega Garden CentreThose with ‘green thumbs’ will love La Vega with its huge collection of tropical fruits and plants both on the grounds and in the plant shop. Located on the Gran Couva Estate, it also offers picnic possibilities among its bamboo groves.
Tucker Valley
Nature trails dissect this evergreen valley which is home to Red Howler and Capuchin monkeys, wild hogs, caimans and the elusive ocelot, but also hosts gentler creatures like hummingbirds and the blue Emperor butterfly. Visitors can trek to Edith Falls, stroll through the “Bamboo Cathedral” or play a round on the Chaguaramas Golf Course.
The Caroni Bird Sanctuary
This is a bird-watching boat ride, with lots of plant life to view as well. But the most memorable sight can be viewed around sunset when the Scarlet Ibis, one of Trinidad and Tobago’s national birds, returns in a blanket of red to roost in the Caroni River mangrove.
Nariva Swamp/Bush BushThe Nariva Swamp/Bush Bush Wildlife Sanctuary has been declared a wetland of international importance. Among the many creatures which find safe haven there is the endangered West Indian Manatee.
Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust
The Wildfowl Trust is a research and conservation centre on 26 hectares of the Petrotrin Oil Refinery. In addition to trails, there is a learning centre dedicated to protecting endangered waterfowl and other birds and reintroducing them into the natural environment.
Maracas Waterfall
The Maracas Waterfall provides a refreshing reward after the 2.4 kilometre hike to get there. Standing at 91 metres, it is the country’s highest waterfall, but it is at the bottom of the falls that the most fun is had.
Matura BeachThe endangered Leatherback Turtle comes ashore to nest here annually from March to August, as many as 100 each night, making Matura Beach the ideal spot in Trinidad to go turtle-watching. With the required permit in hand, visitors can watch the giant female turtles emerge from the ocean, trek up the beach to dig a hole, deposit her eggs and cover the nest with sand, before heading back out to sea.

Adventure Farm Nature Reserve
A 12-acre nature reserve and organic farm located on the Arnos Vale Road on the outskirts of Plymouth. The reserve is noted for its birds, butterflies, iguanas, mangoes and citrus orchards.
Botanical GardensThe bustling market and talkative city easily give way to the lush peace of the Scarborough Botanical Gardens. Seventeen acres of well-groomed tropical gardens, trees and shrubs in the heart of the city. Exotic plants - like the African Tulip can be found here. Noteworthy: The Botanical Gardens celebrated its centenary in 1998.
Flagstaff HillTred slowly along a track on the crest of the hill behind Charlotteville and you’ll experience Flagstaff Hill.  Formerly an American military lookout and radio tower during World War II, the lookout continues to offer up awe-inspiring views of Charlotteville, Man O' War Bay and the St Giles and Melville' Islands. 
Little Tobago Island
Although tiny in size, Little Tobago Island has a big reputation as a bird watchers paradise. Located off the village of Speyside, it is home to one of the most important bird sanctuaries in the Caribbean.  The Red-Billed Tropic birds are spectacular from October to June. Tours to the 450-acre sanctuary depart daily from Speyside village or the Blue Waters Inn.
Rainbow Nature Resort, Rainbow Falls
The 50-acre Lure Estate lies off the beaten track beside a pretty river in Goldsborough. On the estate is the Rainbow Nature Resort, a converted cocoa house that is now a guest house and nature resort. On the estate you’ll find growing citrus, cocoa, coffee, mangoes and avocadoes.  A lovely waterfall completes the picture. 
Grafton Caledonia Bird Sanctuary 
The accidental bird sanctuary: this former cocoa estate evolved into a bird sanctuary after the owner started feeding the wild birds whose forest habitat had been destroyed by Hurricane Flora in 1963. Located near Black Rock village, the sanctuary has nature trails and scenic hiking and the wild birds are fed at the Copra House around 4pm.  Admission is free but be sure to go with a nature guide to make the most of this memorable sanctuary.



Maracas Bay
This is Trinidad’s most popular beach. A fringe of coconut trees separates a lively surf and sandy expanse from vendors of Trinidad’s famous bake and shark. Everywhere in between can be found beach lovers from around the world.


Englishman’s BayForget the name: it’s not for Englishmen only. However, it is definitely for swimmers as it’s a deep bay with active water and fairly loose, powdery sand. It’s a quiet, cozy setting.
Pigeon PointArguably Tobago’s most famous beach, it remains the perfect scene for a picture postcard. Its well known jetty, white sand, calm and shallow waters, thatched huts and other amenities continue to make it popular with locals and.foreigners, even with the small user fee.
Store Bay
This is a lively little beach, partly because of its proximity to so many hotels and guesthouses. It is a major departure point for tours to Buccoo Reef, a popular beach party venue, and a marketplace for local art and craft vendors. Store Bay also offers a delicious selection of local cuisine, including the tasty Tobago favourite of curried crab and dumplings. All this – plus sun, sea and sand.


National Museum and Art Gallery
This living museum houses a permanent collection of some 10,000 items as well as functioning as host to exhibitions. Among the many items on display in seven major galleries are petroleum and geological exhibits, the permanent national art collection which includes a collection of paintings by Michel-Jean Cazabon, and a small gallery on Trinidad's Carnival arts. Originally the Royal Victoria Institute, it was named in honour of Queen Victoria in 1892.

Indian Caribbean Museum
Trinidad and Tobago’s first Indian indentured laborers, numbering 217, arrived on 30th May 1845 aboard the ship, Fatel Rozack. The annual holiday - Arrival Day -  is celebrated in their honour. This Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the history of these labourers. Exhibits include photographs of the indentured, musical instruments, agricultural tools, cooking utensils, clothing and books. The museum also has an art gallery, reference library and genealogical database.
Say ‘Lopinot’ to a Trinidadian and you’ll see a big smile appear and hear them humming a melody.  That’s because Lopinot is so closely identified with the music genre called parang. Lopinot is one of the few places in T&T where the old-time traditions of carolling and paranging from house to house at Christmas time is still alive, though in a somewhat modified version. Lopinot is also home to a small museum and park dedicated to the memory of Charles Joseph Count de Lopinot.
Nelson Island
Nelson Island, Trinidad and Tobago is one of the Five Islands that lie west of Port of Spain in the Gulf of Paria. Initially, Nelson Island was the disembarkation point and quarantine station for indentured immigrants to Trinidad and Tobago in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Over the years it has served as a detention centre and hosted a gun emplacement for the Americans during World War II.
River Estate WaterwheelIt’s hard to determine the star here: the water wheel or the museum? The water wheel is a singular monument to the island's colonial past, when sugar cane estates ran the country and colossal water wheels supplied the energy to plantations. Equally inspiring is the museum that traces the history of the river and as a consequence the history of the valley.
Knolly’s TunnelThere was a time when Trinidad and Tobago was home to the Caribbean’s longest tunnel: Knolly’s Tunnel.  Named after the then acting Colonial Governor of Trinidad and Tobago, Courtney Knolly; the tunnel was part of the Trinidad Government Railways train network that linked urban and rural towns.  Today the tunnel conveys a strong sense of history and is fast on its way to becoming Central Trinidad’s premier tourism destination
San Fernando HillDrivers on the Solomon Hochoy Highway heading south, know they’re close when they sight the San Fernando Hill. Visible from miles away it is set on 65 acres of land and reaches the height of 639 feet offering a beautiful panoramic view of the southern city and coastline. Flora and fauna abound and there is a visitor’s centre with photographic documents about the history of the city. Recently, jazz performers have made it their favourite performance venue.

Arnos Vale Water Wheel & Nature Park
This magnificent Water Wheel powered the operations of the sugar factory which once stood on the site. Remnants of the factory and other machinery are still visible in the restored site, which co-exists seamlessly with more modern attractions – a restaurant, dinner theatre, gift shop, museum and nature park.
 BuccooThis picturesque village borders a bay from which visitors can get a glass-bottomed boat tour to the famous Buccoo Reef. The village is popular for its Sunday School Party, at which local food, music and craft are available weekly. At Easter, place a bet at the thrilling Goat and Crab Races.
Genesis Nature Park & Art Gallery                                                                                                                           Inspired by the biblical Garden of Eden, local artist Michael Spencer has created a mini art gallery and zoo at his Goodwood home. The art gallery contains his paintings and carvings, while the zoo holds a curious collection of creatures.
Kimme Museum In the Mt Irvine museum/workshop of German sculptress Luise Kimme, you will find larger than life but life-like wooden sculptures that reflect the essence of the people, culture (especially dance) and folklore of Tobago. Bronze works are also on display.
Tobago MuseumYour Tobago history lesson will include Amerindian artifacts, military exhibits, relics of plantation life, historical documents, and a collection of stamps and coins housed at the museum in the island’s capital.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Favourite Shabba Ranks tune of ALLL time! SHINE EYE GAL

Cannot get tired of this...EVER! Mykal Rose voice is SO BEAUTIFUL!

YUMA sold out update: ONLY Male Pisces, Capricorn, and Virgo left IN MAS CAMP!

From YUMA:

YUMA SOLD OUT UPDATE: All online costumes. All female costumes. All male costumes except the following available only at camp: Pisces, Capricorn & Virgo. Thank you YUMAs! You've put your trust in us. As a new band, we are humbled by this show of support. We're working to make C2k11 an amazing, energetic experience for all. Hugs!

Go YUMA!  But it look like I need to go find them some Capricorn males! lol Like I'm not bringing enough men to the party already! (My boys are all Leos though.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Remember to save up for BLACK FRIDAY shopping!

If you have any digital cameras, memory cards, laptops, camcorders, luggage, better phone/smartphone et cetera that you need to buy, Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S.) is the day to get up early and get in the stores whiles the BIG sales are still hot!

I need almost all of the above lol so I'll be planning to try and save some money on the major purchases by shopping at the right time!

I generally just go out and buy what I need right when I need it, and with the exception of electronics I don't put too much research into it.  What do you do to make every dollar stretch further when shopping?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eloquence, Inc...Another Great Review for the Blog!

From veteran blogger Saucy (

your blog is actually pretty cool, you are covering a niche not explored which is to talk about YOUR band YUMA, and you have done a good job having relevant, timely and original topics.
Thank you I really appreciate that!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


This is from director Jason Williams of JayWillFilms... talented former college classmate of mine! I can't get tired of this one, click through to check out his YouTube channel with his other videos!

YUMA: male & female SOLD OUT online, females SOLD OUT in mas camp!

Men let's GO some left in the mas camp just FedEx your payment and your COMPLETE registration info into the mas camp, no need to run around looking for a Trinidad middleman if you are abroad!

From YUMA:

Thanks for being patient with us. The phones have been ringing off the hook! Online registration is not being reopened as the inventory has sold out. In house we have Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo among three other sections for you to choose from :)

Coming soon enough to the blog: CARIBANA!

One of the best sources of travel info: TRIPADVISOR.COM!

One thing people should never have to do nowadays in the Age of Information is overpay for a vacation or be lost as to what to do, where to go, to make the most of a vacation, or even make the most of the city they live in!

Tripadvisor shows you the top-rated hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. for nearly everywhere on the planet, and the ratings are from users and travellers just like you and me.  Not some company paid extra to represent!  You can read real reviews on nearly every aspect and venue.  The only thing is to take other people's experiences with a grain of salt but have common sense if several people have similar complaints.

Tripadvisor has, of course, all this information and more available for you to plan your vacation to Trinidad.  So people wondering at which guesthouse or hotel they should stay, what to do in Trinidad aside from fetes, other people's experiences with all the above, plus relative costs (which must be verified at current and "CARNIVAL" rates by calling directly) can check this Tripadvisor link to Trinidad vacations.

Let me know what you think or if you found information on that site useful for your vacation planning!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What are guesthouse prices looking like for Trinidad Carnival 2011? Tony's Guest House

We getting down to the wire now that YUMA has barely anything left for females and according to their rep. only a few male costumes!

So what about accomodations?  In my mad search around and around for a last-minute (for my crew anyway I know some of you are just getting started, lol) budget-friendly place to rent, I sent an inquiry to Tony's Guest House and received this response:

Thank you for contacting us regarding "Sunny Caribbean Getaway at Tony's Guest House".

We do have availability for [Trinidad Carnival] 2011 for 6 adults.

The cost per night is Us$50 per person. The total cost for 6 persons is US$2700.
To make a reservation a 50 percent deposit is required, the balance to be paid on check-in

If you have any questions, please email us back or call us at 1-868-763-4230.

Best regards

Anthony & Sandra Mayers
Tony's GUest House
Papnis DrivePetit Valley Trinidad
Tel 1-868-637-6178

Anthony & Sandra Mayers
Sunny Caribbean Getaway at Tony's Guest House
Phone #: 1-868-763-4230

If you check them out please comment back here and let me know if the rates they give you per person match what they told me, and any other points you would like to share with us!

Here is a map of Trinidad.... make sure to identify how far out from the Savannah area you are willing to stay if you do not plan to rent a car!

Labor Day on the Parkway 2010: from Doing It Since 6

Doing It Since 6: ON DE ROAD!!!!! JOUVERT (PAGWAH) RAMAJAY (MAS BAND...: "What's up!!!!!! Pagwah jouvert steel band was good, people was also on point they did not stick love it. But for the people in dat band i ..."

Click the link for more! He played with Ramajay mas band in their section Gaia. His reports and the way him MASH UP right now trying to recover have me thinking it might actually be nice to play mas in New York...and I never ever been interested in mas in New York! Many people saying Ramajay was bare vibes this year and they had an excellent time with them!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


All I have to say is, I NEEDED that recharge!  Never let me go so long without some good West Indian vibes and fun West Indian peoples to party with again!

It all started Saturday night with me getting ready for a night out...I hardly dress all the way up since I haven't been doing many outings this year, but I must have looked especially amazing because my daughter looked at me after I got dressed anddropped her jaw and literally said, "WOWWWWWW MOMMY YOU LOOK SO PRETTY!" ... okay that's when I KNEW I looked good! lmao. So after that the nails done (and I never do my nails!), hair done (so easy now that I've been rocking it almost Amber Rose-short since 4th of July), EVERYTHING did! Hot like the song Fancy from Drake!

I missed most if not all of DragonCon because my daughter took a LONG nap in the day and by the time she woke up I thought it was going to be over, plus she wanted to go to the park so I said why not and we grabbed our ball and sneakers and took off in the car.  Played for and hour and a half and she would have played some more!  lol

I did go downtown and see the remnants of DragonCon, including a Jedi knight or some other Star Wars type robot dancing to hip hop music!  But that was only because I was looking for this supposed spot Olympia Prime that was suppose to have Black Talon deejaying that night!  Turns out the place been closed for over a YEAR!  Moral of the story: call the number given in those Creative Loafing ads and make sure it's a working number before you waste gas going, because apparently they run some ads in perpetuity until someone makes them aware of the error. lol

ON to the rest of my NIGHT!  Basically summed up as a one-night birthday party with DJ Stephen's mummy and other Trinis (who never know how to END a party, lol!) which turned into a 3-day party and lime!  I had the BEST bake of my life, biggest too!  Even one Trini guy said the bakes were dancing in his mouth (and that is another story, cause the soca and reggae was playing on FULL BLAST and the cook was wining up a STORM in the kitchen, as I told her she cooked all that food without firing up the stove cause all the heat was coming from her!)

lmao Definitely up there with my 4th of July as another great social WIN for Atlanta!  I completely deviated from the schedule I posted up earlier but that's okay, because it's better to party with people who matter (and with all our kids around too, playing with each other!) than with a bunch of strangers who may not even speak to you whole night!

Big ups to DJ Stephen, King Apache, and B!!!!!! lol

A Jamaican guy who had never partied with Trinidadians before after his first time at the first party could only say "Trini party sell OFFFFF!" lol
Good food, good music, good vibes, and old/new friends!  Good times!  My friend's summary of his weekend (in a whole different state) exactly explains it for me:

Its been one hell of a weekend!!! Good times everyone good times!

Labor Day weekend was WICKED! Memba mi told yuh! More later...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

So now you're in your section... where to get your CARNIVAL BOOTS done?

See Ms. Niecy's Custom Mas Footwear (examples of her work here).

She can also point you in the right direction if you have big & wide feet and/or calves.  What worked for GroovyLittleThing might work for you!  I have big but not wide feet so I am still on the hunt. :)

And speaking of her, she designs boots, and will be front and center for Trinidad Carnival playing mas with YUMA!  So check the page link below and get in touch with her through her email or through this link to her Facebook group!

She got herself these (pre-decoration from her of course, this is not the end result lol!):

from this site

and reports "they're perfect for me because they're made for a wider foot and calf (i have both) and there's still room to fit an insole in and still be comfy.

and they have up to size 12"

She designs for men and women, so men don't be shy!

*disclaimer she's not paying me to make this post nor have I had boots designed by her before, but I have seen her doing this for a little while now and her rates are reasonable, based on the complexity of the design. /disclaimer*

Friday, September 3, 2010

Jamaican-born Bushwick Bill teeters on the brink of deportation | Music Feature | Creative Loafing Atlanta

Bushwick Bill teeters on the brink of deportation | Music Feature | Creative Loafing Atlanta

From the article:

Though he hasn't been found guilty on the drug charges, ICE is now attempting to deport him, says his counsel, Carlos Solomiany, who is working with another Atlanta-based lawyer, David Kennedy. Because Bill has been convicted of more than two crimes of "moral turpitude" in the past, Solomiany goes on, a judge can decide to revoke his lawful permanent resident status, despite the fact that his parents are U.S. citizens and he has lived here since he was 7 or 8. He's now 44.
"We're fighting to save his residency," says Solomiany. "We have to establish that his positive equities outweigh his negative equities." Bill's next hearing at Atlanta Immigration Court is scheduled for October 14 — though it could be pushed up — and Solomiany adds that fans can help sway the judge by e-mailing statements on Bill's behalf to
The article also mentioned that his parents are U.S. citizens. I assume they got citizenship after he turned 18 and that is why he was left to fend for himself?

1. Why has he been here since age 7 or 8 and is now 44 and still on a GREEN CARD? Did NO one in his long career or in his family advise him to use some of his rap money and sort out stronger papers (i.e., CITIZENSHIP)?

2. If he only lives part-time in Atlanta and has been on the straight and narrow for some time...where did he find COCAINE so fast as soon as his friend died/got killed? I mean, I'm sorry, but you have to know where to find those things to find those things, they don't just get up and waltz into your hand at a moment's notice. If I decided I wanted some cocaine right now I wouldn't even know WHO to ask!

3. Moral of the story with him and with SHYNE, who got deported straight back to Belize even though he had not been there since childhood: stop SKYLARKING when you are classified in di people dem country as a resident ALIEN. It means you don't belong here and they are being nice enough to let you stay indefinitely. Get on their bad side, several times at that, and they can and will shoot your backside back to wheresoever you come from! Even if you haven't seen it since you hatched!

Good luck to him still, it is hard to find a good way to handle terrible news but hopefully he can get a support system that will keep him making better choices.

Where's the Labor Day weekend events for ATLANTA? V103 WEBMAG,,, and!

V103 WEBMAG | Atlanta

This is a site run by the folks who bring you the Atlanta radio station 103.3 fm. Many of the hot urban artists, parties, concerts and events in and around the Atlanta area are found here!

Creative Loafing -- Atlanta is a free local newspaper available all over the Atlanta Metro Area that tells you all kinds of events and local people, places, etc. to try.  From any genre.  Whether it's indie, it's trendy, it's family, high-end or free, downtown Atlanta or Cobb or Gwinnett counties or even the racetrack south of town... all types of activities and information are available in this mag and it's online version.

AtlantaReggae is exactly what the name says: what's going on in the dancehall/reggae world in the Atlanta area!  Many more sites for this too but more on those later.

Krushmore Entertainment (connected with AtlantaReggae, actually) has been around providing Atlanta with plenty dancehall, reggae and soca vibes for YEARS now!  Check out the owner/promoter, True aka True Atlanta, on Facebook!

So what events are going on in Atlanta for Labor Day weekend?

First, EVERYTHING Creative Loafing has listed for this weekend is found here. Narrow by using filters on the left to find genres/types/dates specific to you.

Second, this is a screenshot of everything Krushmore Ent. is doing this weekend:

Now for what I'm interested in that's going on this weekend!

Friday September 3:

Saturday September 4:


Sept. 3-6

Times vary. Hyatt Regency Atlanta, 265 Peachtree St.; Hilton Altanta, 255 Courtland St.; Marriott Marquis Atlanta, 265 Peachtree Center Ave.; Sheraton Atlanta, 165 Courtland St. $25-$100

1001 Night

Saturdays, 10 p.m.
Dance party featuring belly dancers, hookahs, and fire dance show. Free.
Amore Restaurant and Lounge (map)
950 W. Peachtree St.
phone 770-652-4370

Krushmore Entertainment presents Memories

Saturdays, 10 p.m.
Men must be 25 and older to enter and Women must be 21 and older to enter. Free before 12 a.m. There will be 80s and 90s reggae, soca, and hip-hop. $10
Mamma Nem's Restaurant(map)
6049 Memorial Drive
phone 770-469-0000

Olympia Prime (map)
133 Peachtree St.
phone 404-593-2588

AND last but not least, I've been invited to DJ Stephen's mom's birthday party!  That lady is the reason I was ready for anything my first time playing mas!  I'm definitely going to hail her up and take in some soca vibes!

Sunday September 5:

Church in the morning at Decatur Bible Chapel:

Might not make this but it's free, and family-friendly, and I LOVE En Vogue...but where the heck is Union City, GA?  Sounds FAR  man!

Labor Day Concert (September 5th)

Union City is proud to offer residents and visitors a series of special events in 2010.  Join us on Sunday, September 5th and celebrate the music of the world famous music group, Envogue.  Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, and picnic baskets.  Listen to great music, enjoy delicious food from our excellent food vendors, or receive one of our free hospitality promotional items. Gates will open at 6:00 p.m. (Union Station Mall, formerly Shannon Mall) with the actual concert starting at approximately 8:00 p.m.  The mall is located at 1000 Shannon Mall.

For additional information, please call (770) 964-2288 or send us an email at

There IS also a Ludacris celebrity basketball game going on...
I'm interested cause I've never been to one.
However, I'm not feeling that for that day...but if you're interested:

Restaurant reviews coming after I check one or two out!

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