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Monday, August 17, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Passion Carnival Has Launched AMAZON!

Passion Carnival's band launch pictures are out, check them out HERE.  Pictures courtesy of Shutter In Motion.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: YUMA Has Launched INDULGE!

YUMA I have to say really knows how to do a black costume!  But I won't spoil it for you, take a look at band launch photos HERE and if you want to be in your own custom made costume parading in the streets of Port of Spain... email or just fill out this form and sign up!

Check for the remaining bands to launch HERE.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Entice Carnival Has Launched!

Check out new band ENTICE's description and launch pictures courtesy of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Costume Photos HERE.  Need help with carnival travel planning?  Sign up using the Trinidad Carnival Form at the top of this blog!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Friday, July 31, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Ronnie & Caro Has Launched "TEARS OF..."!

Interesting theme from Ronnie & Caro Mas Band this year.  Check out the photos HERE courtesy of Trinidad Carnival Diary.

Need help registering for your costume or handling other parts of your carnival planning?  Email or sign up using the Trinidad Carnival form at the top of this blog.

Also check out the band launch schedule: Trinidad Carnival Costumes For Next Year.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Fantasy Has Launched I WI5H!

Fantasy Carnival's 5th Anniversary in 2016 is celebrated with the theme "I Wi5h".  In case you have never seen a Trinidad Carnival band launch, check out Fantasy's clip courtesy of CarnivalScene.

Fantasy official album click HERE. And by the way YAY for them being back on Facebook after shutting down their page couple years back. Made it hard to always have to trek over to Instagram to catch up with them. Welcome back Fantasy!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: TRIBE & Bliss Have Launched!

TRIBE launched their 2016 theme "The Forbidden" and sister band Bliss launched their 2016 theme "The Secret Garden"! Check out the launch album HERE.

TRIBE's official album HERE.

Bliss's official album HERE.

Other bands to come are listed at the Trinidad Carnival Costumes For Next Year link.

If aiming to be in any of the bands launching before September, line up your deposit estimate to jump when it's hot.  A safe estimate for the large bands is $350 usd on hand for backline and male deposits, and $650 usd on hand for frontline deposits.  Additions are generally full price of add-on due along with the deposit, so as soon as prices are released make note of that as extra...but a lot easier to come up with the add-ons or deposit balance if you have the majority of the deposit lined up!  If not ready, no worries, lots more bands to come.

Need help?  Email or sign up via the form at the top of the blog page (as a general rule, please note Eloquence, Inc. Services does not register clients for TRIBE or Bliss but can register for all other bands, if this changes however, clients who are already signed up will be given first priority).

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Virgin America Fare Sale - Fly Through FEBRUARY 10, 2016!

But you know of course the catch is you need to buy now.  As in right now.

I would suggest buying a flight into Ft. Lauderdale that arrives before 1pm, and returns departing after 3pm.  Gives you plenty of times to connect to a Caribbean Airlines or other flight nonstop out of FLL into Port of Spain (POS)!  Plus leaves time on the return for the dreaded Customs line (although way less of a hassle than MIAMI INTERNATIONAL Customs).

As a reminder, Trinidad Carnival 2016 parade dates are February 8 & 9, 2016, so Ash Wednesday is February 10, the last day you can fly on this sale offering.

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Harts has launched "VOGUE"!

HARTS CARNIVAL 2016 - "VOGUE" Band Launch

Check out the photos in the link above, which do you love? (All pics courtesy of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Costume Photos)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Islandpeople Mas Theme Released!

All we need is a launch date... check out the launch flyers and dates so far at the Trinidad Carnival Costumes For Next Year link.

If you need help bringing your plans together for Trinidad Carnival, click HERE.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trinidad Carnival: Itinerary on a Tight Budget or Tight Schedule

So from this post you learned how to cut your Trinidad Carnival budget down to size and still get there and have fun.  This post will show you, in red, what a pared-down itinerary looks like if you're there Friday to Ash Wednesday or Friday to Thursday.

In purple are extra items to squeeze in if you land late Thursday night and/or are limited only on time, not on money (nor energy!).

So: red = what to do on a money budget, purple = what to add into or substitute for that if only on time budget (pick and choose or if your brave AND strong do them all) and "money ain't a thing!" so you can scroll down and read the day and the red words only to get the gist if you are on a very low budget for carnival...get it? got it? good!  Note these are just examples, there are always alternatives. :)

Friday before carnival

AM: arrive in Trinidad or Canboulay Riots Re-enactment, (in the streets 4?am, free) or Silent Morning Boatride
Silent Morning Boatride

***nap here if you went on the boatride; if you landed the night before and your band has an open collection day today you can try and do costume collection in this time period; most bands have it by section though and then all foreigners who arrive this late just pick up on Saturday only***
PM: check in, shower, sleep! (Or, check in, shower, FETE - Girl Power!) or Caesar's Army pre-J'ouvert party (if your flight lands 11pm Friday night you won't be out of the Customs line airport til maybe 2am so forget Caesar's Army unless you want to get yourself to wherever their location is for the season...easier to just walk over to Girl Power assuming it's still by the Savannah or...) OR check in, shower, head into your Saturday fete schedule....


AM: Caesar's Army J'ouvert or Suits or Buenos Dias boatrides (if you're not having someone pick up your costume before you arrive in Trinidad between Thursday night and Friday night...don't bother with this option you will need some of the pre-noon hours to go collect your costume)

AM: Kiddie Carnival parade - noon...walking distance (Savannah) and free, and is an event so you're not sitting in your room - bring camera: REAL mas out there with the kids. lovely costumes!
PM: Costume collection ...if you're keeping track, on the time budget this means you will have had no actual SLEEP so far since arriving in Trinidad Friday, only naps in the taxis to and fro!  Is CARNIVAL!

**** fete runs on island time...****

PM: Scorch Saturday (words cannot wicked this party was in 2012...absolutely worth the PROcess of obtaining tickets!)

*****nap here on the way to Insomnia or back at the rooms after Scorch because the breakfast fetes in the AM start at 4am or 5am!  No full nights of sleep here! Is CARNIVAL!

****PM: (midnight) Insomnia breakfast fete! until 10 or 11 the next day! Open air with a beautiful view by the Mobs 2 Pier, stage show, rhythm section(s) (african-like rhythmic style drumming on small drums and GIANT drum that the guy sits on top of and beats like his heart and soul flow out of him onto the drum head), flag crews with huge flags roaming the crowds, drinks for sale left and right at bars, food for sale all along the outside, daybreak big hoses come out and entire crowd gets SOAKED especially near the front...endless vibes...only thing more endless is the alcohol!


AM: Still at Insomnia! or (if you skipped Insomnia *gasp*) Sunny Side Up all-inclusive breakfast fete or Diamond Vale all-inclusive breakfast fete or Shades breakfast fete or Uber Pramie (Double UP) breakfast fete. All all-inclusive, all vibes!

PM: Nap! (you can accomplish this nap in the car cause it's going to take forever to get back from Insomnia in the insane traffic) or Moka all-inclusive fete $$$ or Brian Lara all-inclusive fete $$$$$ or Valsayn Sanctuary all-inclusive fete $$$ (hope you catching the hint$)

PM: J'ouvert package collection, lime (hang out socializing) on Ariapita Ave strip.  Practicing the fine Trini art of liming is a GREAT relaxing way to spend the Sunday and get to know new friends and catch up with old.

PM: Nap! Is only a couple hours again cause tomorrow begins asap!


AM: and I mean 2am - get up, get ready, get out - it's J'ouvert 3AM - 10AM, breakfast included - big trucks on the road with giant sound systems and hundreds of thousands of people dancing in all directions covered in mud, paint, chocolate, masks, and more!

AM: get the mud, paint or chocolate off, shower and get in Monday wear - 11am until is Monday Mas (lunch & Monday wear included in the price of your costume, as are unlimited drinks)

PM: return to room around 8pm or so to sleep for Tuesday or hang out in the streets until whenever cause Monday Night Mas is going on for those who go and even if you don't the big trucks and PEOPLE are EVERYwhere and there is NO silence in Woodbrook for a long time.


AM: 6:30am or earlier meet your band fully dressed in costume, makeup, etc. if you want your breakfast (included in price of your costume, as are lunch and unlimited drinks) - is MAS...Tuesday Mas

PM: still mas! til midnight (earlier if you're tired)


AM: early, soon as you get in from Tuesday Mas: pack, double-check for chargers and such. Nap if there is time, if not wait to sleep on the plane
Check out, leave! Leave Trinidad with costume packed and headpiece in hand to stow on the plane and show off to the world you were HERE!


Maracas Beach lime

PM: pack, After Blast, pink & white boatride (sails around midnight), sleep


AM: Check out, leave Trinidad with costume packed and headpiece in hand to stow on the plane and show off to the world you were HERE!

- free to be at the beach, food and drink (the BEST bake & shark) sold there, only costs to get a taxi to get there...chill and relax and unwind sore, tired, aching muscles...

Need more help planning your carnival, or want to do it big, not on budget?  Subscribe for more posts, and click here to sign up for Trinidad Carnival travel planning for next year!

Friday, June 19, 2015


For those looking to attend the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, or the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan... the form is here!  As future Olympic sites are announced, the form will be updated in case you're not quite ready to go, so stay tuned!

Bookmark that page (or just click here) and fill out your form to get started with planning this major international event!

For general questions about Olympics travel planning, please email

Monday, June 15, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Online Sign-Up Form With Paypal!

Trinidad Carnival Sign Up Form

Now you can make your travel planning service fee Paypal payment soon as you finish your form, without the extra fees from Eventbrite nor the extra wait to receive a Paypal bill from Eloquence, Inc. Services!  The form allows you to start planning way in advance, so you can choose from Trinidad Carnival 2016, Trinidad Carnival 2017, Trinidad Carnival 2018, Trinidad Carnival 2019, or Trinidad Carnival 2020.  It also has general explanations of how the service works, and helpful hints with each form entry to help you understand how to fill it out correctly.  If you have any questions about the form or your specific plans, contact

Harts Carnival
To see the form in the mobile version of the blog, click the Menu button on your phone and Request Desktop Version in the menu.  You can zoom in by clicking on a field to fill in, and zoom out by double-clicking your screen once, or twice.

Form is also in this post at the link above.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Miami Carnival 2015: YUMA Will Be Taking Over Miami With Mascots International!

From YUMA:

We have great news! We're excited and proud to announce our alliance with

We've been thinking of opportunities to be a part of more activities that celebrate the Caribbean, and this is a move in the right direction!

 Mascots International has been representing the quintessential YUMA personality in Miami Carnival and as such our debut is with none other!

For the 2015 Miami Broward-One Carnival, Mascots presents "Under the Big Top". 

A live broadcast of the section reveal will be available via Periscope® !

So join us in welcoming this bold step for YUMA and Mascots International.

Click the icons below, to follow us Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more!


Friday, June 12, 2015

Trinidad Carnival 2016: Band Launches

Keep up with remaining band launches HERE (bookmark the link for updates)!

HARTS launch July 4, 2015

TRIBE launch July 18, 2015

RONNIE & CARO launch July 25, 2015

PAPARAZZI launch July 31, 2015

YUMA launch August 8, 2015


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Trinidad Carnival: Last Look Back Before 2016 Band Launch Season!

I did most of 2015 carnival updates via the Eventbrite messaging system instead of the blog, which led to some blog fans I didn't even know I had wondering why the blog had gone silent.

Will simplify this collection so it takes less time to re-up annually, but here's a last look back!

Click each theme name (after the band launches and the theme name has been changed to a large hyperlink you can click on) to see the band's costumes for next year!

(Pictures from Trinidad Carnival Costume Photos and/or the band's facebook/website unless otherwise noted.)  See one you want to be in?  Time to plan that trip to Trinidad Carnival 2014!

Costumes/launch dates on page currently for:
Trinidad Carnival 2014
For last year's costumes click here.



SPICE, THEME [no Spice on the road for 2014! click to enlarge]

TRIBE, "TRIBE10", JULY 20, 2013

Pic courtesy of Trinidad Carnival Diary since Fantasy's page not currently available (???!)

















Monday, June 1, 2015

Cropover 2015: Fete Schedule Hot!

The CropOver Hub has provided a serious list of fetes, check them out!

Ready to be all over this?  Plan your Cropover2015 trip.
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