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Saturday, December 11, 2010

NEVER forget Haiti: Help Make (or Send) Survival Kits for Women/Children!

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Throughout this blog I will be highlighting pictures of Haiti and Haitians, the POSITIVE side, because too often we only hear the ugly news out of Haiti, and were it not for talks in college with my friends like Alfred in the FAMU lunch cafeteria comparing notes and news vs. reality on both our countries, I would never know the beautiful side of Haiti!  So the pictures are not a pretense that serious things aren't going on, but you get those images ALL THE TIME so I am showing you the FLIP SIDE...every country has its ugly and its beauty, so here is the beauty in Haiti and its people! Don't help just because of what's wrong, help because of what's right and what can be right again!

Even if you are not a youth, and not in New York, these things are NEEDED! Make your pack and find another local program collecting items for Haiti and help!  
Haiti, beach near Les Cayes on the south coast

Haiti inspired the rest of us in the West Indies and elsewhere in our fight for freedom from slavery, don't forget them now that they need us!
Haiti, from this blog

For those who cannot go to Haiti to help fix the problems you can help this organization or others who actually fly out to Haiti and help

Bassin-Bleu Waterfalls, in the southern part of Haiti outside Jacmel.  The rumors/"news" are Haiti is so deforested (trees cut down) that not a single tree remains...according to this blog from a Ghanaian's "a complete exaggeration," the place still has areas with a tropical look and feel to it. 
Haitian woman
Haitian superstar musician and philanthropist Wyclef Jean
Haitian actress Sandra Prosper, of Charmed, CSI: Miami, and Dead Lawyers fame

Youth Day of Service
1199 SEIU We Care for Haiti Campaign
Tuesday, December 28, 2010
10am – 3pm
330 W. 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036 · Penthouse (33rd Floor)

History of the Women Survival Kit Project

The Women Survival Kit Drive was created to help the women and girls that were victims of this catastrophic earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12th, 2010. The goal is to provide 50,000 women and girls with a kit that will help them with their daily hygienic needs.

The Youth Day of Service is an opportunity for young people to show their commitment to helping others by making survival kits. Each participant will receive a letter of participation for community service credit at the end of the day.

Each survival kit will include the following items

Panties of all sizes
 Sanitary Napkins (individually wrapped)
 Pantiliners (individually wrapped)
 Disposable wipes (travel size)
 Toothbrush & Toothpaste
 Soap & Hand Sanitizer
 Washcloths

 Zip loc bags (gallon size)

Requirements of Youth Day of Service Participant

1. Bring a donation of one or more of the bolded items (from the list above)
2. Be available for the entire day (in order to receive credit). Lunch will be provided
Garcelle Beauvais, famous Haitian model/actress
Haitian children at Cambry orphanage in Les Cayes, taken from here
Haitian girls
Haitian boys in Baraderes, Haiti
Haitian children
Is long time I said to myself while people sorting out food and water and shelter, I can already see the "softer" things that are going to be NEEDED...especially for women since they cant just walk around with their boxers on like men and very young girl children can get away with.

Haitian children

I had no money to send back then but i had women's and girl children's clothing and shoes...and even a bag that someone could use as a diaper bag or to transport anything heck the thing so big a brand new baby could fit in it as a bassinet (leaving it open of course) i sent 2 huge garbage bags full of that stuff.

Haitian schoolchildren
Haitian schoolchildren

People forgot is not just straight up money makes a difference. Even in the middle of not having I had plenty to give.

Haitian who was working as a translator during the crisis and his mother (she has an eye issue)...great looking people and you would never guess that at the time the pic was taken they were living on the streets...

Pads, panties...yes very necessary. Can you imagine the girls that are just getting their period this year in haiti?

Haitian schoolgirl, picture taken in Haiti February 9, 2009

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