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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Ronnie and Caro Mas Band Launching August 18, 2011!

These band launch dates announcements are lining up fast!

Remember to check the TNT 2K12 Band Launch Updates post for all the launch date news in one spot!

Ronnie & Caro, sections from this past carnival

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Harts Carnival Launching "The Wrath of Gods" August 12, 2011!

You just KNOW a theme like that is going to be WICKED!
from Harts facebook

Remember to bookmark/save the Trinidad Carnival 2012 Band Launch Updates post so you can check back as the news comes in and see all scheduled band launches in ONE place!

Harts put up a fun promo video of footage from their time on the road this year in TNT 2k11:

Friday, June 24, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Early Bird Hotel Rates for The Kapok Hotel and The Normandie!

I have hotel rates for 2012 for the Normandie and Kapok.  They are running specials of getting it at 2011 rates if you book by either the 30th for the Kapok or August 31 for the Normandie.  Waiting to hear back from the Hilton.

Normandie cheapest double (with early bird special): $223/night, 5 nights minimum ($1,115 total); taxes included; buffet breakfast included Monday 2/20/2012 to Wednesday 2/22/2012

Hotel Normandie

Normandie deposit requirements: 50% of entire stay down ($557.50) by August 31, 2011

Kapok cheapest double (with early bird special): $1,450 for any 5 nights between Wednesday 2/15/2012 and Wednesday 2/22/2012; taxes included; buffet breakfast included Saturday - Wednesday

Kapok Hotel

Kapok Hotel

Kapok deposit requirements: 1 night down ($290) by June 30, 2011.

I am thinking since the 30th is around the corner and the Kapok is actually more expensive, the Hotel Normandie is a better bet.

HOWEVER I am sure this will be sold out at these rates if you wait until the now and get your flights ASAP!  Need my help?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Miss Niecy's Custom Designs: One-Day Special On Carnival Boots/Sneakers!

Trinidad Carnival 2012: D'Krewe Carnival theme PANACHE...PICTURES!

From the band's launch last night, first launch of the 2012 season in Trinidad!

Launch pics first seen on D'krewe's site:

Followed by TrinidadCarnivalDiary's post that more pics are located here! See album screenshots below for preview!  Don't forget to use OAnda's Currency Converter to figure out how much the Trini dollars (TTD) are in USD!

Quick picks (all photos from here)
Best frontlines so far:

Best backlines (I'm biased towards large headpieces but this first one is nice!):

Best male costumes:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Sneak Peek from Trinidad Events of D'Krewe's PANACHE Launch Happening NOW!

Launches going on fast and furious all this summer and fall for Trinidad Carnival 2012! (Remember to check the launch updates post for info as it comes available.)

Check out the sneak peek below of a couple D'Krewe Carnival costumes from Trinidad Events!  I was trying to keep an open mind (not to mention calm and cool) but that white and gold have me excited already! Gotta love a large headpiece!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Want To Go To #Trinidad #Carnival #2012 But Don't Know Where to Start?

Want to go to Trinidad Carnival 2012 but don't know where to start with the planning? I can get you and your group there get in touch with me!

Share with...everyone!

Other contact information not on the card:
Skype: eloquence-inc

Trinidad Carnival 2012: YUMA Mas band launch Saturday August 13!

Will be adding the updates to the Trinidad Carnival 2012 band launch post as more dates, themes, and info comes my way, so bookmark the page and keep checking it!

YUMA did say the actual explanation of what the theme IS will be coming soon!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eloquence, Inc. Is #Mobile!

Wow just signed in to a notice that I can now activate the beta version of my blog optimized for mobile phone viewing!  Glad the powers that be at Blogger figured out we need that readily and automatically available because I can't tell you how many times I asked a friend to check out something on here and the response was about some issue with the (rather graphics-heavy) site loading to a mobile phone!

Progression, yes!

preview of mobile version of Eloquence, Inc.!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012: Launch Updates...D'Krewe, YUMA,and more!


Pictures of costumes from each launch collected in one post: CLICK HERE!

D'Krewe Carnival is launching next Saturday, June 18th!  
Hoping it's a live streaming launch!

**UPDATE** Spice sent to my old email address... 
Spice Carnival is launching Saturday, July 9th!

Spice Carnival presents our 2012 Presentation


Saturday 9th July, 2011

Westside, Trinidad.

Tickets on sale at Spice Mas Camp and Spice committee members from Friday 10th June.

Mas Camp Hours
Monday-Friday: 12pm -4pm
Saturday: 12pm-4pm

Ticket Hotline: 222-0475

Ltd. Advance $160.

Secured parking available.

Check us on facebook for more info and dont forget to follow us on Twitter. #SpiceCarnival

Are you a registered Spicequerader? Get your masquerader / early bird tickets at the Mascamp $150.00.

TRIBE Carnival is launching Saturday, July 23rd!

Check out TRIBE's Facebook for more info (and stay tuned for word on when their twin band, Bliss, launches as well).  Their website:

Oasis Carnival is launching Friday, August 5th!

Dreamteam Carnival is launching Saturday August 6th!

Harts, meanwhile, has yet to release a launch date but we know the theme!
***UPDATE 6/26/11***They have now released a launch date: 
Harts is launching Friday August 12th!
from Harts facebook

YUMA gave us a suspense-filled tweet on their soon-to-be-released launch date and WHAT exactly that hint image of their theme stands for!

So far the only hint we have of the theme is:

***UPDATE 6/13/11
YUMA is launching Saturday August 13!***

Ronnie and Caro is launching Thursday, August 18th!

Wow Eloquence, Inc. is being quoted on the web! Check it out!

My video inside the Trinidad Port Authority while waiting to sail to Tobago:

My blog post on the first fetes announced for Trinidad Carnival 2011:
Eloquence, Inc. top row, third from left!
Nice to see the word spreading! Remember to subscribe to the blog, follow it, like it on Facebook, and follow it on Twitter & YouTube!  You can also email me at if you would like to be added to the email subscription list and receive new blog posts directly in your inbox!

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