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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Disaster Management: She's GOING to TRINIDAD CARNIVAL 2013!

In deh in deh IN DEH!  A client revealed to me just yesterday evening that she had not actually sorted out her FLIGHT yet (brakes screech, glass SHATTERS, sirens go off)....WHAT!?  How we have costume, fete, j'ouvert, and NO FLIGHT???  BACCHANAL! Mad mad rush since last night to find a flight within the budget and time limits...ELOQUENCE, INC. DID IT!  There was this ONE seat left! Brap brap! another carnival disaster averted! *wipes sweat off brow*

We'll laugh at the last minute madness when this is all over...but right now...that was a very healthy scare!

Word to the wise, if you elect to have me handle your ENTIRE carnival itinerary, this cannot happen to you!

Want to be in Trinidad Carnival 2014?  Click HERE  or for the more luxury-filled version, click HERE... or email!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Jamaica 2013: Boys & Girls CHAMPS March 12-16, 2013 - Come See The Next Usain Bolt!

Olympic star athlete Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
Want to be a part of the endless school rivalry, excitement, and scorching hot displays of Jamaica's finest in the next generation of world class athletes?  Let Eloquence, Inc. plan your trip to witness one of the must-do events on every serious university athletics recruiter's list worldwide... the proving ground of world Olympic champions, the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys & Girls Championships, aka CHAMPS!

Nuff love to star Jamaican culture promotion page I AM A JAMAICAN for these's a one-page Jamaica Tourist Board all by itself!

Don't think this is anything like a typical high school track meet final in, say, the U.S....Jamaicans from all over will fly home if they can to support their school.  Most high schools in Jamaica function like private schools in the U.S., with school crests, mottos in Latin specific to each school, with uniforms that identify each school with unique colours and/or ties and shoulder epaulettes, and with a tight-knit bond (overall) with classmates (versus another school) and loyalty to the school that can border on the fanatic especially when you hear some men going at it if they are friends who went to "rival" schools!  But as the track athlete in the high school Kingston College (KC) anthem video down below notes in his song, "...Champs is a brawl to the end, but afterwards we can all just be friends..."

High school is often the last stop on the education road for many Jamaicans, so this also adds an element of intensity to the achievements of their school and the students who can obtain athletic scholarships, especially in events where Jamaica has developed a worldwide reputation as "the sprint factory of the Caribbean" (if not of the world, as we have champion sprinters and other athletes on the teams of foreign countries!)

We reached these heights in Beijing:

Champion Olympic hurdler Melaine Walker

Because of this in Jamaica:

Hansle Parchment, to me the SWEETEST medal of London Olympics 2012!
TRIPLE THREAT! Top left pic:
L-R Yohan Blake, Usain Bolt, Warren Weir
"The Beast", "The Lightning Bolt", "The Weirwolf"!

Because of this same thing in Jamaica!

Come enjoy first-hand what we are KNOWN for producing: 
British royal Prince Harry on his visit to Jamaica in 2012
doing the "[Jamaica] To The World" pose with #1 athlete,
fastest man in the world, triple medallist in Beijing 2008
and triple medallist in London 2012 Olympics, Usain Bolt!

Jamaican Olympic star track and field athletes
L-R: Veronica Campbell-Brown and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Email to have your travel planned to arguably the most exciting track and field event in the world after Olympic track and field...and enter your email address at the top of the blog to get the news first!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trinidad Carnival 2013: The Only Fete Accessory You REALLY Need To Bring This Year...

this pic and this blog post is entirely fellow blogger Lehwego's fault lol

Before you laugh at me, keep in mind that this single item will be used as an accessory-cum-portable bath-cum-weapon of mass destruction in a way not before seen in a good long while...


From this...

To THIS lol have fun!

Trinidad Carnival 2013: DJ Private Ryan's SOCA BRAINWASH 2013 Music Mix!

Check out the latest soca music and what to expect on the road, click HERE!

Song list courtesy of DJ Private Ryan:

1. Private Ryan Fog Interlude
2. FOG – Machel Montano
3. Indian Gal – Machel Montano & Drupatee
4. Stranger – Farmer Nappy
5. Wining Queen – Denise Belfon

6. Permission Granted – Patrice Roberts
7. Feter – Benjai
8. Life of the party – Machel Montano
9. Canvas – Bunji Garlin
10. Differentology Private Ryan Acoustic – Bunji Garlin
11. Differentology – Bunji Garlin
12. Call my name – Destra
13. Bam Bam – Shal & Drastic
14. Play D Mas – Shal
15. Manager – Nadia Batson
16. Tobago Love- Shurwayne Winchester
17. Stages – Bunji Garlin
18. Savage – Bunji Garlin
19. Possessed – Machel Montano & Kerwin Dubois
20. Spread a little more – Patrice Roberts
21. We Cyah Stop – Terri Lyons
22. Fete Forever – Megan Waldron
23. Handle it – Nadia Batson
24. No Lie – Machel Montano
25. Come for dat – Kes
26. Turn up the sound – Nessa Preppy
27. Partier – 5 Star Akil
28. Fete of the year – Kerwin Dubois
29. We Limin – Shal & TC
30. Friends for the night – KI
31. Prescription – Ravi B
32. Whole day – Devon & Sean Caruth
33. Drunk – Farmer Nappy
34. Drinkin Rum – Machel Montano
35. Fireman – Nadia Batson
36. Wettin – Kerwin Dubois
37. We not stopping – Shurwayne Winchester
38. One Love Represent – Machel Montano & Freetown Collective
39. We want drinkz – Lil Rick & King Bubba
40. Waistline Energy – Lil Rick
41. Backaz – Kerwin Dubois
42. Wuk up Workout – Alison Hinds
43. Doh Mind My Business – Machel Montano
44. Doh Bother We – Lil Rick & Benjai
45. A.T.O.A – Benjai
46. Body Working – Kes
47. No Lokani – Prophet Benjamin
48. Wake it up – Terri Lyons
49. Carry on – Destra
50. Energy High – Machel Montano
51. Doh Tell Mi – Nadia Batson
52. Yuh Role – Kerwin Dubois
53. Journey Continues – Bunji Garlin
54. Vikings Coming – Bunji Garlin
55. Muddy Jab – Talpree & Bunji
56. Gyal Alone – Lavaman
57. Psycho – Lavaman
58. Monster – Skinny Fabulous
59. Monstrosity – Machel & Skinny Fabulous
60. Start it – Devon Matthews
61. Rum Please (Dj Jerome Road Mix) – Fya Empress & Fay Ann
62. Formula – Fay Ann
63. EFF – Fay Ann
64. Unfinished Business – Iwer
65. Chaos – Swappi
66. Timing it – JW & Blaze
67. Wreck D Road – Shal
68. Level Jammin – Donella
69. In charge – Blaxx
70. We Control D Road – Shurwayne
71. Crossover – Fay Ann & Edwin Yearwood
72. Stage Open – Fay Ann
73. Fantastic Friday – Superblue
74. Fantastic Friday (Shot Master Road Mix) – Superblue
75. Float – Machel Montano
76. Witch Doctor – Machel Montano
77. Live yuh life – Kes & David Rudder
78. Real love – Kes
79. Bubble like she – Lil Rick
80. Party – Peter Ram
81. Touch me – Patrice Roberts
82. Plenty Gal – Kimba Sorzano
83. Rumours – Yankee
84. Leave me alone – Sir Skarz & Snypa
85. Doh Sticky – Swappi & Ravi B
86. You tha boss – S Carter
87. Iron man - Dev
88. Love fire – 3 Canal
89. Pump it up – Denise Belfon
90. No Rules – Syo
91. Shangri La – Nadia Batson
92. Wine back – K Rich
93. I Ok – Kes
94. Soca Child – Kerwin Dubois
95. Fete – Konshens
96. Hard Wine – Bunji Garlin
97. Wining Pose – Nutron
98. Life of the party – Nebula
99. Look good – JW & Blaze
100. Workout – Shal
101. Bubble – Iwer George
102. Mingling – Farmer nappy
103. Boost har Up – Konshens
104. Crank – Peter Ram
105. Contest Lil Rick
106. Jonesing Again – Lil Rick
107. Like Muhself – Lil Rick
108. Wuk it up bad – Hypa Sounds
109. Bootcamp – TC & Nebula 868
110. No Getaway Scratch master remix – blaxx
111. No Getaway – Blaxx
112. Pushing it – Edwin yearwood
113. More Iron – Alison Hinds
114. We doin this owah – Fay Ann
115. Cya Fail Me – Tian Winter
116. Love me carnival – Patrice Roberts & Problem Child
117. Bruk out – Patrice Roberts
118. Little Wine – Patrice Roberts
119. Life of the party – Problem Child
120. Thief a wine – Kes
121. Anything Ah Want – Chucky
122. Bubblin – Nutron
123. Come for D Wauk – Voice & Machel
124. Born in paradise – MX Prime
125. I Never – Chucky
126. Hold Somebody – Michell X
127. All night – K Rich
128. Hit and run – T Rock
129. Come down – Erphaan ALves
130. Wickedest Wine – Shal
131. She Ready – Machel Montano
132. Shake D Ground – Zan
133. Slacker – Umi Marcano
134. X Rated - Mr Renzo
135. Rum & Soca – Kes
136. Wassyness – Destra
137. Fete Hard – Nebula 868
138. Hold mih Liquour - Blaxx
139. Leh Go – Blaxx
140. Whistle & Horn – Cassie
141. Wha Do – Olatuni
142. Whole day – Ms Alisha
143. Socializing – Kes
144. All – MX Prime
145. Eruption (THREEKS Road mix) – Erphaan Alves
146. Disgusting – Kes & Kerwin Dubois

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jamaica 2013: Magnum BritJam, Montego Bay, March 6-13, 2013

If you don't know, from spring into summer through Christmas (basically year-roun), Jamaica is THE place to be... after you cool off and lose the tan marks from Trinidad Carnival and/or Jamaica Carnival, plan your next getaway the ALL-INCLUSIVE one price party hearty style!

Or better yet pick an event and let Eloquence, Inc. handle the logistics of getting into the party for you! if you're ready take advantage of all the major events and festivals happening in Jamaica year-round.

From the promoters of Magnum (tonic wine!) BritJam, a spring break in Jamaica event held March 6th to the 13th, 2013:

 For the first time, BritJam Day time adventures are no-longer exclusive. All patrons are allowed. With the purchase of a ticket via single admission cost or with the possession of a season band a patron can now enjoy the beloved day party events. These events are tailored with UK & USA patrons in mind, so expect a premium blend of drinks, food and overall experience.
Take a look at the marvelous highlights from BritJam 2012 on our pixs page. This page offers up to 50 beautiful pictures for each event. They say a picture can tell you one thousand words, with that said an entire story can be told by taking a look at these pictures. Take your time and go through each album and relive the experiences through expert photography
BritJam stands apart from any other event in the world as it boasts an unheared total of 13 premium events during a one week span. Over the years we’ve noticed that attending all events is an increasing challenge. Explore the events and choose wisely, or better yet, Can you manage all 13 events? Take the challenge!


Brit Jam is an Ultimate Spring Break party holiday. The concept is based on infusing British and American Cultures with Jamaican Culture and providing the chance for those who have always wanted to visit the island by doing so with familiar faces. We invite popular UK and Jamaican DJ‟s and artists to showcase their talents during the entire week.
The idea is to mix music genres and audiences that would not necessarily be together. By doing so, it also offers a platform for up and coming artists to perform internationally alongside the biggest stars in the Jamaican music industry.
With the event steadily growing over the past three years, it has given the organizers a chance to improve the festival and bring it to international standards. With each individual promoter bringing their own flavour, coupled by years of experience in the entertainment industry with strong skill sets and attributes to complement each other this becomes the perfect recipe for an unbeatable team. All events during this festival are successful independently; both locally and internationally, then when fused together the ultimate party vacation is created.

Trinidad Carnival 2013: Carnival Late-Breaking News!

You know what they say, "carnival is BACCHANAL and BACCHANAL is carnival"...always some new development or twist to the story, you can't be the OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) type, the perfectionist, and you can't not know how to laugh and roll with the punches, else you will have a miserable time!

So on with it:

1. Word on the e-street is established Sunday super breakfast parties Sunny Side Up (SSU) and Diamond Vale, both all-inclusive fetes, as of this late date two weeks before carnival Sunday have no BAR LICENSE.

And "all-inclusive" means all you can eat, and most importantly for many (but not all) true partiers, all you can DRINK.  And these fetes are over $100 USD each...and not just barely over that mark, either...


2. Utopia Mas has been "acquired" by D'Krewe Carnival (you remember them, my band that had both the wickedest costumes last year and whose King of Carnival creation by bandleader Roland St. George won King of Carnival for 2012?).  Announced about 15 minutes ago:

Wow what's next?  Only a week to go before most people start flying out, not much more can change up, right?  WRONG... Don't get too attached, treat this like friends with benefits lol:

Trinidad Carnival 2013: Wee International's Theme MAGNIFIQUE

Late I know, but one more costume option for the latecomers! And they are some beautiful costumes!

Their theme for 2013, Magnifique, introduces us to some of the unusual and striking wildlife of our planet...which one do you like best?

Remember to check out a long list of band and costume options in the superpost of  bands and costume offerings for the next Trinidad carnival (click HERE).

Wee International 2013, section: Weedy Seadragon

Wee International 2013, section: Panther Chameleon

Wee International 2013, section: Clown Fish

Wee International 2013, section: Jellyfish

Wee International 2013, section: Blue-Footed Booby

Wee International 2013, section: Rainbow Lorikeet

Wee International 2013, section: Dart Frog

Wee International 2013, section: Mandarin Fish

Wee International 2013, section: Scarlet Macaw

Wee International 2013, including males

Friday, January 25, 2013

Trinidad Carnival 2013: 7 Carnival - Lifting The 7 Veils

Literally just found out about this band because a last minute client (and I mean signed up this week type of last minute, not the only one either...yeah busy week!) wants to play with his friends and this is the band they are playing with... not sure how it went under my radar because it and the THEME seem hawt!  Deep into carnival logistics loose ends to tie up but had to take a few minutes and get the word out there about this!  I LOVE their website (the music!)

Click HERE for a view of their band launch, which apparently was around the beginning of October (so, before Legacy launched).

7 Carnival (Generations Carnival): Lifting of The 7 Veils

Check each section on the site link above for the description of the Veil they are portraying!


That male costume so NICE, had to do it twice!

Wrath - for some reason this one really call to me!

Gluttony - according to site, there is a male version, it's darker.

Trinidad Carnival 2013: J'OUVERT Registration Is ON!!! ...But What Is J'ouvert?

Trinidad Carnival is February 11 and 12, 2013...short season, and one of the last loose ends to tie up in January is usually deciding how to get DUTTY...not dirty, DUTTY... "dutty mas", as j'ouvert is affectionately known, is the traditional opening of carnival morning, the break from the old to the new, the process of cleansing and renewal, the breaking free from the darkness and despair of the whips and chains of slavery on cane plantations (cane is what rum and molasses come from) to a new day as a free man (or woman), and other deep symbolism that is tied to the arrival of the Lenten season and the history of many of the Caribbean islands...

The annual carnival season began long ago, and the entire tradition in Trinidad is over 200 years old, but the first day of the actual parade begins with j'ouvert processions through the streets at ungodly hours of morning in all forms of characters and all manner of concoctions as you greet the dawn and the breaking day (j'ouvert is a shortened form of the French "daybreak").

Dame Lorraine characters in Trinidad (kiddies) Carnival 2012
You will see blue devils, you will see red devils, you will see jab molassie, you will see rat bat, you will see moko jumbie, you will see Dame Lorraines, you will see Pierrot Grenades (Pitchy-Patchy in Jamaica), but most of all, what you notice is some hardcore pounding soca (and some groovy moments to catch your breath) and MUD, PAINT, OIL, CHOCOLATE galore!

But...what exactly does j'ouvert look like?

Get it, got it? Good!

So we get the historical aspect of the triumph of good/day over evil/night... Now, how do you become a part of this madness?

Pick from the j'ouvert bands launching (or already launched, like Chocolate City and Dirty Dozen, and for sure Caesar's Army long ago) and if you need help registering, contact Eloquence, Inc. to arrange your registration ASAP!!!!  Please note Caesar's Army does alternative j'ouvert on SATURDAY morning, but even if already registered with them, you can, as my fellow blogger Lehwego would say, "do the double!" and play j'ouvert Monday too!  Only for the STRONG! Please note that chocolate bands use oil based chocolate, it washes right off!

(caption underneath picture tells you what you're getting dirty, messy, j'ouvert style in):

Bubble Bath J'ouvert - uses foam

Chocolate City J'ouvert - uses chocolate
Cocoa Devils J'ouvert - uses chocolate

Caesar's Army J'ouvert (SATURDAY not MONDAY) - uses paint

Dirty Dozen J'ouvert - uses mud, paint

Fantasies J'ouvert - uses paint

Fantasies J'ouvert - uses paint

Gloww J'ouvert - uses paint (and I would assume it's neon paint? If interested let me know and I'll find out)

iCandy J'ouvert - uses paint

Insomniacs J'ouvert (iJouvert) - uses paint

Jungle Fever J'ouvert - uses mud

Mudders International - uses mud

Mas Jumbies J'ouvert - uses traditional characters

Red Devils J'ouvert - uses paint

Mystique J'ouvert - uses mud?, paint, and provides women a bottom piece as well as the top

Paintology J'ouvert - uses paint

Red Ants J'ouvert (associated with TRIBE) - uses paint

Section 8 J'ouvert - uses mud, paint

Shades J'ouvert -  uses paint?

Simply J'ouvert - uses mud

Stormer's J'ouvert - uses paint

Whyte Angels J'ouvert

Whyte Angels J'ouvert - uses wings and paint

Which will you choose this carnival Monday?

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