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Friday, September 3, 2010

YUMA Online Registration UPDATE: females sold out, remaining males available 12p-6p today!

From YUMA:  Morning YUMAs! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. YUMA is now SOLD OUT online. The few male costumes left will be on sale from noon-6pm EST. Ensure all info entered into the system is accurate to avoid issues at collection. Those who registered online will receive payment confirmation emails when your cards are processed for 50% of your costume total (online deposit requirement). HUGS!

I posted in the previous YUMA update the remaining male sections (good thing I took that screenshot too because below is the screen that's up right now).  From the sounds of things there are not that many remaining in each section for the guys though!

The available males as of when I went in the system last night:

The screen now until around noon (please get on there and through the intro screen before noon so you can already be AT the costume registration section and have refreshed your screen at least once BY noon...): 

Again, LEO and TAURUS males are completely sold out online.  LEO and SCORPIO males are completely sold out in the MAS CAMP.  

DON'T FORGET YOU CAN STILL GO PHYSICALLY INTO OR SEND SOMEONE INTO OR FEDEX YOUR PAYMENT AND REGISTRATION INFORMATION INTO THE MAS CAMP! (I know my FedEx idea has worked for one person already, so call the mas camp and speak with someone who has the authority to receive male on behalf of the mas camp so you can confirm the address and when they have received it.)

Men let's go!  I want to see that Capricorn sold out! :)

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