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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


All I have to say is, I NEEDED that recharge!  Never let me go so long without some good West Indian vibes and fun West Indian peoples to party with again!

It all started Saturday night with me getting ready for a night out...I hardly dress all the way up since I haven't been doing many outings this year, but I must have looked especially amazing because my daughter looked at me after I got dressed anddropped her jaw and literally said, "WOWWWWWW MOMMY YOU LOOK SO PRETTY!" ... okay that's when I KNEW I looked good! lmao. So after that the nails done (and I never do my nails!), hair done (so easy now that I've been rocking it almost Amber Rose-short since 4th of July), EVERYTHING did! Hot like the song Fancy from Drake!

I missed most if not all of DragonCon because my daughter took a LONG nap in the day and by the time she woke up I thought it was going to be over, plus she wanted to go to the park so I said why not and we grabbed our ball and sneakers and took off in the car.  Played for and hour and a half and she would have played some more!  lol

I did go downtown and see the remnants of DragonCon, including a Jedi knight or some other Star Wars type robot dancing to hip hop music!  But that was only because I was looking for this supposed spot Olympia Prime that was suppose to have Black Talon deejaying that night!  Turns out the place been closed for over a YEAR!  Moral of the story: call the number given in those Creative Loafing ads and make sure it's a working number before you waste gas going, because apparently they run some ads in perpetuity until someone makes them aware of the error. lol

ON to the rest of my NIGHT!  Basically summed up as a one-night birthday party with DJ Stephen's mummy and other Trinis (who never know how to END a party, lol!) which turned into a 3-day party and lime!  I had the BEST bake of my life, biggest too!  Even one Trini guy said the bakes were dancing in his mouth (and that is another story, cause the soca and reggae was playing on FULL BLAST and the cook was wining up a STORM in the kitchen, as I told her she cooked all that food without firing up the stove cause all the heat was coming from her!)

lmao Definitely up there with my 4th of July as another great social WIN for Atlanta!  I completely deviated from the schedule I posted up earlier but that's okay, because it's better to party with people who matter (and with all our kids around too, playing with each other!) than with a bunch of strangers who may not even speak to you whole night!

Big ups to DJ Stephen, King Apache, and B!!!!!! lol

A Jamaican guy who had never partied with Trinidadians before after his first time at the first party could only say "Trini party sell OFFFFF!" lol
Good food, good music, good vibes, and old/new friends!  Good times!  My friend's summary of his weekend (in a whole different state) exactly explains it for me:

Its been one hell of a weekend!!! Good times everyone good times!

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