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Thursday, September 23, 2010

JayZ and Warren Buffett made the COVER of Forbes magazine?!!!!

Yes, former crack dealer and superstar rapper Jay Z and the billionaire investor Buffett are rubbing elbows!

 Read the interview he even says if he hadn't had a lucky break in the music business he would be just like his friend that went to prison for 13 years!

I mean, if inner city kids have Jay Z to look up to, how are we suppose to convince them that the traditional way is better?

L-R Jay-Z (Sean Carter), Warren Buffett, Steve Forbes
Cause clearly neither of those two are doing things the traditional way.

I think us using rhetoric isn't going to work.  JayZ and all the folks who making it big without college degrees are actually entrepreneurs...their product just generally happens to be themselves.

Sadly I don't think pointing out that the many stars with millions and billions are still a drop in the bucket compared to the actual population of the U.S.  so they are not to base their chances for success in life on what the vast MINORITY are doing but what works for the middle 50%...they not SEEING the middle 50% cause nobody cares to interview them, that's too boring.


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