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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reviews are in from YUMA's online registration process & REMAINING MALE SECTIONS ONLINE!

 I must say to YUMAS...CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS, on a job well done. The online registration was seamless and well worth the wait and anticipation. The accuracy of registration with the section's availability and the ease of the entire registration process was ABSOLUTELY SUPERB!! We on the Road come 2K11.

WOW it seems most ppl got their desired sections and were happy with the online registration process.Big respect to all yuma crew that made this much anticipated event so positive for the masqueraders.

welcome all online yuma peeps.

I got into the section i wanted too but not sure if my heart could take another experience such as this one... Please have an area for suggestions so that you guys can work on improving registration for 'On-Line' individuals (notice i did not say foreign since i'm sure people in Trinidad used On-Line as well :-). But i am definitely looking forward to parading with YUMA on the road... Not a Taurus but cannot wait to get into my Front Line Taurus costume March 8th... Nuff Luv my feller YUMA peeps 
Hmmm...side note here... she got into what appears to be her first talk of glitches in what is it that needs improvement? lol It doesn't really get much better than that unless she means her heart couldn't take the wait til they opened up online. lol But the wait was to make it right and not be another TRIBE Online. Glad you got into what you wanted still!

wow.. Im very disappointed about the way this want down.. There was NO fl for most of the costumes...BTW.. I went online and so did my friend at 12noon on the dot.. 

Same thing here. FL sold out at 12:02pm? How many they had available? One? LOL. Still in Taurus same way. 

Aquarius FL and Scorpio FL were definitely there when I logge in. I think we have to remember that FLs aren't usually that plentiful. If you have 300 people in a section, 150 are not FL. Maybe 30? IDK. And out of that 30, maybe they sold half at in-house (or a third if some were allocated to committee registration). How many people logged in to register simultaneously? Hundreds? Everybody will not get if we all can log in at the same time. 

YUMA thank you for giving alot of us who are overseas the opportunity to register online....I think the registration process was easy. and i can appreciate the fact that you actually eliminate the sections as they sell out when you are registering and that you hold costumes until the credit card is approved.

Did YUMA pass its first online registration test?  I would say an overwhelming YES!  No glitches, no hitches, no stitches.  Great job YUMA.

Now get the males in there please cause Leo and Taurus males (the completely sold out male sections) cannot manage us ALL! ROFL

Here's the screenshot of remaining male costumes available for purchase online:

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