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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Glenn Carvalho mas band for Trinidad Carnival 2011

I am wondering why their theme, Valleys_of_the_Nile has been up since...forever!...and they still have not even the links at the top of the page working?

They do have a facebook page and a twitter account, but all I see them posting are trivia on Egyptian lore.  Also, shouldn't the facebook and the twitter reflect just the band's name so that they can keep it and maintain the themes for each year without having to change the name people grew accustomed to for a whole year?  They have named the page and the twitter after the theme itself.  Just a thought...

I assume the male and female models posing on the home page of the site are wearing sneak peeks for 2011? Because there sure aren't any other costumes to be seen, neither on the site nor the facebook!

They do have photos (mainly of the HUGE Kings and Queens costumes) from some past carnivals on the facebook, but only 3 distinct pictures from 2010, none of them on the road!  I don't know what the story is with this band, but the online presence leaves a lot to be desired.  No matter what kind of mas they do, they should make sure to draw potential customers IN at all times with how they present themselves! 

Submission for Carnival Kings and Queens competition from their 2010 theme, Aloha.  This is Tiki Princess

Picture of 3 costumes from 2010's theme Aloha:

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