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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Question to the folks waiting on YUMA online registration

So...the people panicking/stressing about online registration: since YUMA warned lots of times to do ground registration if at all possible and to have choices 1, 2, and 3, lined up, sized, ready to go... have any of you tried to find a friend or family on the ground that you could schedule to accept a Moneygram wire (it's the service that is right outside the mas camp) and go register you on the ground so you can stop feeling nervous (and in some cases, stressed out) and start enjoying the vibes and getting excited about what you playing mas in?  

Especially for the men and the girls who not Frontline Or Die.  According to YUMA Mandisa (not a committee member, a masquerader...I call people playing mas with them YUMAs, I call the committee members YUMA committee members):
From YUMAs updates, the costumes that are still available in-house are BL only- Virgo,
and Leo
[and also Aries, small and large headpiece options] female.

 Of the male costumes all besides Leo and Scorpio are available. I do not know how much more in section are available so I suggest u hustle down to the mas camp

I say another option (as suggested by my aunty who has played mas in Trinidad many many times) is to see if you can courier mail your payment and registration information into the camp directly (by calling the camp and planning it out with somebody with some decisionmaking authority).  

Definitely not trying to discourage anyone, just want all who want to be in to get in, and I see that the number of page fans jumped nearly a thousand since early last week (particularly after TRIBE's online registration finished this past Saturday and left many in the lurch)...and some are not playing YUMA I am sure but some are...why not make EVERY effort to get it done on the ground so you can end the worry and not end up locked out of the band COMPLETELY!

Also, women, try to make option 3 NOT A FRONTLINE.  Everybody else will be going for all the frontlines as option 1 when online opens, so clearly by time you get around to the 3rd option if the first two didn't work out for you, odds are STRONG that the frontlines will be all gone!  Play your cards smart!

1 comment:

Eloquence, Inc. said...

Thanks to the person who said this post "is some good advice." :)

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