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Thursday, September 2, 2010

YUMA Online Registration Begins at 12 NOON TODAY!

From YUMA:

YUMAs: Thank U for your patience & feedback. The wait is over! REGISTRATION GOING INTL NOW! YUMA ONLINE REGISTRATION begins 12noon (EST) Sept. 2 2010 & will be available noon-6pm daily through SATURDAY (subject to costume availability). See the NOTES section of this page for required info & addt'l details. Note: Mas camp/ online registration is NOT available on Sundays or Holidays.

I hope you all took Saucy's advice from trinidadcarnivaldiary and have all your registration info required in that link above typed in Word already, ready to go!  Matter of fact right before registration begins, COPY it so you already have it ready to paste when you are finished entering your title, name, and such!

GET READY!  They have taken their time to make it go SMOOTHLY, as they do with everything, so do your part!  Between the above and this YUMA Registration Q&A plus the fact that you could have called the mas camp with any and all questions during this whole time you've been waiting, you should be in and out like a flash of light with your costume!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!  *Olympic announcer voice: Let The Games...BEGIN!* lol!

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