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Friday, September 3, 2010

Jamaican-born Bushwick Bill teeters on the brink of deportation | Music Feature | Creative Loafing Atlanta

Bushwick Bill teeters on the brink of deportation | Music Feature | Creative Loafing Atlanta

From the article:

Though he hasn't been found guilty on the drug charges, ICE is now attempting to deport him, says his counsel, Carlos Solomiany, who is working with another Atlanta-based lawyer, David Kennedy. Because Bill has been convicted of more than two crimes of "moral turpitude" in the past, Solomiany goes on, a judge can decide to revoke his lawful permanent resident status, despite the fact that his parents are U.S. citizens and he has lived here since he was 7 or 8. He's now 44.
"We're fighting to save his residency," says Solomiany. "We have to establish that his positive equities outweigh his negative equities." Bill's next hearing at Atlanta Immigration Court is scheduled for October 14 — though it could be pushed up — and Solomiany adds that fans can help sway the judge by e-mailing statements on Bill's behalf to
The article also mentioned that his parents are U.S. citizens. I assume they got citizenship after he turned 18 and that is why he was left to fend for himself?

1. Why has he been here since age 7 or 8 and is now 44 and still on a GREEN CARD? Did NO one in his long career or in his family advise him to use some of his rap money and sort out stronger papers (i.e., CITIZENSHIP)?

2. If he only lives part-time in Atlanta and has been on the straight and narrow for some time...where did he find COCAINE so fast as soon as his friend died/got killed? I mean, I'm sorry, but you have to know where to find those things to find those things, they don't just get up and waltz into your hand at a moment's notice. If I decided I wanted some cocaine right now I wouldn't even know WHO to ask!

3. Moral of the story with him and with SHYNE, who got deported straight back to Belize even though he had not been there since childhood: stop SKYLARKING when you are classified in di people dem country as a resident ALIEN. It means you don't belong here and they are being nice enough to let you stay indefinitely. Get on their bad side, several times at that, and they can and will shoot your backside back to wheresoever you come from! Even if you haven't seen it since you hatched!

Good luck to him still, it is hard to find a good way to handle terrible news but hopefully he can get a support system that will keep him making better choices.

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