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Sunday, August 22, 2010

YUMA's Scorpio male individual costume SOLD OUT?!

And a few guys are showing interest in the Taurus individual male as well...

Get your deposit money up, cause there is going to be a MAD rush for the hottest costumes when YUMA's mas camp opens Tuesday 8/24 at 12 noon (get there EARLY!)

According to the TT dollar deposit requirements listed on the YUMA site and today's currency conversion to US dollars by, (I round) you need $180 USD to deposit on a male or female backline costume in any section, and $280 USD to deposit on a female frontline.  You have to get in touch with the mas camp directly (see the contact information screenshot in the costumes album!) about individuals, frontline costumes if you are larger than a C cup, and any other special requests. Get on it!

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