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Thursday, August 26, 2010 is on Facebook!

For all the late starters who easily fit into A, B, and C cups, one way to get into traditionally sold out carnival mas bands such as Tribe and Harts (and now YUMA? lol) is to scout out resales of costumes on sites such as fineahban (the name means, literally, "find a band").

Of course you are limited to the measurements of those posting costumes for resale, so those with unusual sizing will NOT want to rely on this method for getting into a hot band! But many people have used this site over the years, just use common sense and be aware of the original price versus the asking price when the costumes start to pop up for the 2011 season. Happy Hunting!

Be aware that from what I have seen posted on more than one band's website and/or Facebook page, WRITTEN consent from the original owner and proper ID from you matching the name on the letter for someone other than the person named on the band's registration list to pick up the costume.

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