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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Response from YUMA re: why no special order whole pieces/tankinis

From YUMA:  It is more a matter of choice. There are options built in for the brave (wire bra posse) and plunge corsets in Pisces and the more conservative - regular corset in Pisces, virgo monokini and of course Aqaurius frontline. What's really cool is that these options are built into the band and available to all - not being sold of in a quiet corner or causing embarassment for special "hushed" requests. We not on that. However, if folks choose something custom, which many have, we've announced to all this is possible for the costumes accross the board with the provision of your own items. This is not limited to any size and is applicable for those of all sizes. We've gone to great lengths to allow for comfort but some masqueraders want to go the extra mile for extra wow. Lots of feedback on this matter on the YUMA page as well. Thanks to all for the interest and feedback.

Honestly their point is obvious to me when I look at it... they are a new band too many options to start with will overly complicate di ting (and make the band have too many in one section and not enough in another, I am sure they want people to spread out among all sections and this is a brilliant way to do it, lol). I can tell this band is trying to get it RIGHT and pay attention to details.  

They have options in frontline and backline price ranges that fit a variety of body coverage (and EXPOSURE for the rebels out here lol) requirements, and will decorate your own brassiere or corset if you send it in, it is only if you have greater than a C cup that everything frontline (except Pisces corset which fits up to D) is more expensive for you (I call it The D Cup Tax on Frontline lol).  If you don't want to pay The D Cup Tax, you can play backline (and I am sure can still send in your own brassiere for that too), or get your monokini type of coverage through the Virgo section.  I also think not having tankini (except the monokini frontlines and Virgo monokini) and wholepiece options keeps them from getting too complicated and keeps the band looking much more uniform section by section.    Basically you either order what you saw at launch in individuals or on the site's 360-degree views, or you send in a corset for them to decorate according to the section you want.  Not a bad deal, really.  

I don't trust the corset business simply because I have never worn one so I have no clue about the fit on me and would never use a vacation that requires so much MOVEMENT to experiment with that!  So if there are others like me I suggest they take a step back from the hype of the hottest sections, think about (write down if you need to!) what your costume MUST have to actually look halfway decent on you on the road, and note your budget (!!!) and then find a section that provides what you need as is.  If you must play in blue this year, you already know if you playing YUMA you playing either Pisces or Aquarius.  Your budget determines individual, special order, frontline, or backline, and your aesthetic wishes determine if you playing to show or cover breasts, belly, backside...(that was a euphemism for wire brassiere or no, monokini/corset or no, bikini or thong/t-back or no, lol).  If you must play a frontline and in a t-back...heyyyy Leo and Aquarius giving you everything you need...long as you ready to pay for a frontline and pay The D Cup Tax on Frontline (lol) if you above a C cup!

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