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Saturday, August 28, 2010

YUMA mas camp sold out

A A well look at that, we jumpin in d same section. i really wanted the FL but it sell out when we got there so we got the BL, its beautiful all d same :)
YUMAs and aspiring YUMAs let's stay focused!  There are 9 sections with a frontline (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Aries have no frontline although Aries comes with a frontline-style headpiece option)! *UPDATE ALL 9* are sold out on the ground and now only available in limited quantities when online registration begins!  ...What to do? STOP the hand-wringing, look for either a backline you like or a backline that can have an optional backpack/large headpiece, and just get your backside and your $$ in the mas camp today from 11am!  Yes I said 11 that wasn't a typo!  

For those who waiting on online because they are FRONTLINE OR DIE (lol) what Saucy from said: put all the required registration information (see my YUMA Registration/Q&A blog post) in Word, save it, and have it all ready to COPY AND PASTE when online opens up!  Word on fb is all those who don't get into TRIBE this weekend are going to rush YUMA so doan ramp wid it!

Libra backline is available (and I am reading from people in the section that it is available with the backpack)!  Aries backline with a large headpiece is available!

Capricorn frontline is *CORRECTION* NO LONGER available!

In other news, I LIKE the new costume selection screen on the site!  Shows all options at once!

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