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Monday, August 30, 2010

YUMA's appeal...what makes them so hot?

Maybe it's the reports of excellent customer service day after day after ...maybe it's their social media savvy ...maybe it's the LIVE vibes of their masqueraders on the YUMA Vibe Facebook page, livest page with the most interaction from the band (not just dissemination of information) ...maybe it's the iPads the staff walked around in the mas camp with showing each potential masquerader the costumes and taking questions ...maybe it's the HOT 360-degree views of the costumes on live models that delighted so many of us (I know it sold me!) on the YUMA website! Maybe it's even the reports of lots of hot guys showing up to register in mas camp last week! lol!

All we know is, "no room to move up in here but the VIBES NICE ...we don't really care what nobody say, we come to ramajay!" YUMA is ALRIGHT!

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