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Monday, August 23, 2010

YUMA: Registration Information and YUMA Q&A on Special Orders/Options!

Message from YUMA:

 * Hi All. Costumes have been reserved for online registration & ALL COSTUMES will be available @registration from 12noon at 12 Alcazar St. 
More Registration Details: Cash, Linx and VISA/ Master Card will be accepted at the camp. Our # has changed as the camp's lines are installed (868)628-1919. 
Hey YUMAs! Whether registering online or in person you will need: 
  • bra size (If providing your own bra or corsette, decorating fee will be applied and deadline to drop off these items (bras & corsettes) is October 31, 2010. YOU MUST STATE THIS IN COMMENTS SECTION OF REGISTRATION E-FORM.)
  • panty size (and style preference * Thong, boy shorts, bikini. Note for some frontlines like leo FL and Scorpio frontline, they cannot change the bottom type.) *
  • waist band size (where you want your belt to fall)
  • Note: FL with monokinis also need their torso's measurement ([Shoulder] to crotch, collar bone to navel + 4 inches)
  • * xtra piece desires (xtra pieces = additional boy shorts, bikini, thong @ $80 [TT dollars!] each) * 
    • chest size (by t-shirt size... * Males need their chest size as s/m/l/xl/xxl etc. *)
    • pant size
    For both: 

    • email ( for identification - acts as a deterrent for fraud and confusing people with the same name.)
    • date of birth
    • food preference * and allergies *
      • the options are chicken, fish or vegetarian 
    To prevent disappointment, have a top 3 costume picks and be ready for registration. 
    Get ready! 
     We'll share more info on online registration tomorrow [that is, today, Monday August 23!]. We'll do our best to make costumes available for those of you abroad. No need for our foreign team to fell they will be closed out. Hugs and more info ASAP!
     YUMA answers questions on registration, special orders, special options, special sizing
    1. Hey yuma, what is the max amount of persons one can register?
    There is no max. However, you are responsible for the down payment and all correct information being entered.
     2. Will yall be using the spandex type bras or will it be the exact same bras that yall have at the mas camp?
    The bras for the road will be like those at the camp. If you want to to increase support you may select to tie your costume as a halter.
     3. Does the gemini green section have a mens costume?
     4. I would like to know when does registration start?
    Registration starts on Tuesday August 24th!
     5. Yuma please clarify:

    1.when is public registration-tuesday or wednesday
    2.availability of FL costumes for non pre-registered masqueraders.

    Registration begins on Tuesday [August 24]. There are frontline and regular costumes for sale for every section with a frontline (Gemini, for example, does not have a frontline). There has been a LOT of interest in Individual costumes and some have been reserved however, until downpayments are made, costumes are not considered sold. Once everyone has a few options (top choices) you should be ok. 
     6. Hi yuma, I noticed that the leg pieces on the Capricorn FL shown @ the launch are different to what I see on the website. Which one is it?
    Its the ones on the website - great shrug and and large headpiece though. Capricorns represent!
     7. YUMA....looking forward to your answer on individual prices :)
    Individuals are indeed a hefty investment. Those interested in same may now call the camp between 1 and 4pm to speak directly with production.
    8.  Can women choose bathing suit and tankini?
    Sorry, no, tankinis and wholepieces (other than the frontline monokinis) are not available. At registration those needing custom bras can discuss those options at the camp [overseas folks call and/or email in!] and be advised where and if possible.
    9.  For the bkline sections for capricorn & pisces, is there a way where we could pay extra for a feather collar?
    You can pay for the extra collar in Pisces only. Hope this helps. [Option and pricing on the website]
     10. What time is opening hours on weekends?



    Tues - Fri: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

    Sat: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm *

    11. Yuma XL and XXL scorpio = how much $$?  Your "make it a halter for more support" idea...does that work for scorpio frontline?
     NO. Scorpio frontline is a monokini. For ladies with larger breasts, support may be a concern and a corset may be a better option. Final prices for corsets are not yet available.
    12.  What are the sizings for D and DD cups on Pisces frontline?  And prices for each of those sizings?
    The Pisces Frontline corset can support up to size D. The plunge corset may not be the best selection for those needing support who may prefer the standard corset. 
    13. Is Virgo monokini option needing a backline deposit or a frontline deposit?
    Virgo Monokini is a monokini option requiring a regular deposit. Note that this costume is a standard monokini with no bones. 
    14. Also, to be clear, Virgo's monokini...does it have a brassiere size limit like the frontlines after which you pay more, or are D and DD cups safe on that one with the regular price listed on the site?
    Virgo monokini can accommodate D and DD however, be certain of comfort and support - as we know, one DD is not like another DD so it depends on your preference. 

    15. Are we getting a Monday wear ??? If yes .. what is it ??
    Yes to Monday wear. Details to follow shortly.
    16. Someone in my crew has a question - How does torso measure?? Thanks!
    [Shoulder] to crotch, collar bone to navel + 4 inches.
    17.  I never did hear back on the price for XL and XXL scorpio frontline?
    Scorpio frontline is the same cost for L and XL but note that monokini has NO UNDERWIRE or stitching so again, its all based on preference. Some like more support than others.
    18. That aquarius that a one size fits most, and if not, what breast and waist/hip sizes does its s, m, l, xl, xxl fit? 
    Aquarius FL dress is a one size but will fit differently depending on hip size. As it can't be changed (its all connected like a chain), can be risky if you can't visit the camp in person to determine. Also, if you are not a costume jewelry person - it may not be right for you.
    19.  Do you know if they reserved any frontline costumes for online registration? I've noticed that they haven't really specified and it just occurred to me that maybe they didn't.
    Keep in mind I asked this about Scorpio frontline, but there is NO reason it would not apply to all other frontlines since Scorpio was among the first to sell out on day 1. They DID confirm that there would be frontline Scorpio reserved for sale online. Of course keep in mind the size of the band and the fact that most would have been sold on the ground. So clearly it's not the same amount available online as on the ground, else the size of the band would double.
    Actually wait, I know one person who I tried to get into a different frontline on the ground and it was sold out and they said she could try for it when they open online. So YES they are reserving some frontlines for online registration!

    Be the Human Torch (BLAZING) with those keyboard clicks!
    20.  I am not an F...but I may need one step up from that DD *blushing* I live in NYC so how would I supply them with a bra of my own if I decided to do that?
    Mail it to them. Call the number top left (on YUMA'sfacebook page) and ask for the complete mailing address (12 Alcazar Street, etc.) and any special directions for fedex, dhl, USPS global, etc.
    21.  Hey can you guys indicate the percentage of costumes reserved for online see as much as I wanna play with you guys I won't be infront my pc whole day waiting for the online option to become available!! I'm already got measured at the camp for scorpio fl..if its a lil bit let me knw if to start looking for a 2nd option please??
    From YUMA: 
    Folks waiting for online, we are getting closer and will advise on the date giving sufficient notice as requested. Online registration soon come. However, If you are in Trinidad, we strongly recommend you register at the camp as online registration will have global competition for costumes... (from this post made yesterday!)
    From me:
     1. they said they would give plenty advance notice when it opens up. 
    2. They already said several times on the page to have your options 1, 2, AND 3 ready to go, so yes, look around for at least TWO more options, and try to make one of them NOT a frontline or at least try to make it a bl with backpack!

    3. There are less available online than there were at camp because if they sold the same amount online as they did in camp, they would practically double the intended size of the online is Section Total - Ground Sales = Online Quota.

    4. They also warned here on the page if you live in Trinidad they STRONGLY suggest you buy yours on the ground (so, whatever's available) cause you going to face "global" competition for online registration.

    Libra bl comes with a backpack option, if you want a frontline look you might want to grab that from noon Wednesday (September 1, 2010) when they reopen!

    Note from me: CALL the mas camp and tell them your measurements to find out if you should order S, M, L, XL, or XXL in monokinis etc.!  XL and XXL are *correction NOT* extra.  Corsets/bustiers outside of Pisces frontline are extra.  Also, D and DD cups wearing Scorpio frontline can request a thicker/wider strap be made on theirs for that top strap around the back, find out any extra pricing for that from them!

    My Trinidad 2k11 Costumes album (Trinidad Carnival 2011 Costumes) has a screen shot picture of their address and contact information, or you can check their site: or their facebook: (where ALL the action is popping off, lol)!


    Anonymous said...

    Do the men have to wear shorts or can they wear fitted trunks/tights?

    Eloquence, Inc. said...

    Anon I as a woman would PREFER the men wear SHORTS...nothing fitted let your stuff breathhhhe! :)

    The actual answer is call the mas camp and ask. I know YUMA clearly stated that there are no one-piece or monokini options for anything not shown as such. So I take it that it is What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) with the men's as well.

    Ronnie Rochester said...

    Thanks for posting my question. ;o)I did call them today and they suggested that based on my size I send in my bra and the price will be at least $300 TT dollars extra to embellish it. They did also tell me that the bras go up to a 42DD. So we will see what we will do if we get into the section of our choice.

    I did also find out that the bras are convertible, not like what is shown on the website. Just an FYI.

    Again, thank you, you've been soooo helpful..hope to see you on de

    Eloquence, Inc. said...

    Hey Ronnie no problem! I believe I read on Saucy site when she was reporting on closeup shots that YUMA gives that 17-way convertible brassiere up to a size D (which explains why they said you can increase the support by making it a halter). I believe the back view of VIRGO on the site shows how the convertible brassiere looks. DD gets the regular brassiere as shown in most pics!

    Jack said...

    So does registration re-open tomorrow Tuesday Sept 1st? If so, what time? Will all costumes be available as well?

    Eloquence, Inc. said...

    Hi Jack! I am seeing your question a bit late, but no registration did not open yesterday... YUMA will announce on their facebook page (search for YUMA Vibe if you haven't been on it already) when online registration opens.

    Also, yesterday was a holiday in Trinidad so even mas camp was not open.

    They have reserved some of every section for online registration. Best to find someone to take your money and information into the camp if possible though, because a TON of people are going to be trying to register online. Unless it's a frontline you're trying to buy or a sold out men's section (so far Leo and Scorpio male are no longer available in mas camp)... for those you will have to wait on online reg. to open.

    You can also email the mas camp or call them (see their page for the number). :)

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