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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Check @carnivaldiary on Twitter for TRIBE sold out updates!

My phone is burning up! Gladiator male was the first male to sell out!

Xian Warriors frontline the first female!  In 4 MINUTES of registration opening, because if I am not mistaken TRIBE's completley online registration began at noon today!

Persian Gold, Iroquois, and Amazon frontlines GONE! (I loved that Iroquois!)
Here's Persian Gold:

Mayan Eagle frontline with backpack GONE!
And I would bet MONEY that Mayan Eagle male INDIVIDUAL was the first male individual to go!

*UPDATE* I would have lost that bet, seems GLADIATOR MALE INDIVIDUAL was the first to go!

Xian female section completely GONE 8 minutes into registration!

Mayan Eagle section complete GONE, Masai female (Zulu is the male of it) GONE,  Amazon female section completely GONE! 9 minutes in!

Iroquois section completely GONE! 10 minutes in!

check her tweets for more updates!

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