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Friday, August 27, 2010

YUMA sold out update: even a male section is sold out (mas camp not online)

So who's in the completely sold out (except online) sections?

From YUMA:

YUMA SOLD OUT UPDATE: WOW! Great support already for Registration Day 4! Thank U ALL!

The following costumes are SOLD OUT @ the camp:


  • Aquarius (FL & BL),
  • Pisces (FL & BL),
  • Scorpio (FL & BL),
  • Oracle (FL & BL),
  • Taurus (FL & BL),
  • Leo (FL),
  • Cancer (FL),
  • Libra (FL). *note, you can order Libra backline (bl) with a frontline (fl) backpack!

  • Leo.

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