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Friday, January 7, 2011

YUMA: how to pick up a YUMA costume bought from someone else!

From the YUMA Facebook page:

 If you have bought a costume from someone else, you will need to present 2 copies of each of the following 3 items: 

1) ID from the seller (must be registered) 

2) signed letter from the seller authorizing you (

with your name and ID number stated in the letter) to collect on their behalf due to resale 

3) ID for yourself (buyer) 

Note: NO size/ section swaps. Be sure the costume will fit you.

They have said they do not do changes to the costumes as shown and described on the website...(remember that for two-piece sections, if you are bigger than about a 40D, you get the regular brassiere, 40D and smaller, gets the convertible brassiere, contact the mas camp for confirmation and specifics!)

And I have the feeling as many times as they have emphasized it, someone is going to be vex in March that they can't get the costume a size bigger, smaller, monokini, etc.!

Resale sites: (also on facebook) (also on facebook)

And the band's wall (which I use to think was kind of rude to sell it back right on their wall, but the bands don't seem to mind, plus people starting posting costume WANTED ads on the band walls too!).

Good luck, and remember there are lots of other bands out there, TRIBE, Harts, YUMA, and Islandpeople are but a drop in the bucket!


Speaking of YUMA costumes...I was giving mine up cause of being left alone in the band with the memory of the friend that was to play who got killed in November 2010 (cause it was 6 of us and everybody else cancelled)...2 are back in the game...which means I wouldn't be alone in the band anymore (I had/have a Capricorn frontline that wasn't a first (or 2nd lol) choice costume, I got it to be with the crew cause they all got in their sections).  Now that 2 are back, that makes us a trinity, and now I don't know if I should be playing alone in another band when I have half the crew back, housing deposits paid, and ready to roll! 

Decisions decisions!  If I am by myself it's ALL about having a first choice costume (and in this particular situation, no memories of who should have been all around me)...but if I'm with the peeps it's all about the vibes with them on the road.  Plus, the guy that's back in the game isn't going to play by himself, so leaving him alone in YUMA might not be an option, and he might not want the hassle of switching bands.  Guess we'll find out soon enough! :-)

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