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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Experience With the Atlanta January 2011 Ice Storm

In case you don't know, Atlanta has been knocked out cold (pun intended) by a severe winter storm that left basically everything closed, stalled, or abandoned (except that one Chinese place lol).

so, eyewitness report of my first time outside:

Cars abandoned near Flat Shoals Road highway exit in Atlanta, Ga's Jan 2011 ice storm

deadly game getting to the car (fell already, and The Little Princess almost fell as well but she needed to hush about all the ice and watch where she was going lol),

deadly game getting to the gate of my complex (car slid already going slightly faster than 0mph)...

icy chunks of snow I could knock you out cold with coating my car like icing...

no ice scraper cause I am in ATLANTA GA...had to basically use some Tony Jaa Muy Thai moves to get the frozen chunks off

...only to find out a solid layer of ice had frozen over UNDER the snow on my

...back across the (icy) Valley of Death to my place to fill a bottle of warm water and brave the icy footing once more to throw that over the winshield and free my wipers from bondage...

...but the wipers had ice on the blades so I just ruined it by trying to use them...back to the martial arts moves with the leather jacket (wax on, wax off)

Publix has NO eggs on the shelf so I'll be trying egg beaters for the first cars in the parking lot, and it's all ice...

lots of black ice on the roads cause they cleared the roads half-azzed and intersections where they should have cleared the best are THE most icy, murky, and deadly... expensive-looking car has been abandoned outside my complex...same sight in other entranceways as I was driving...thanked God for small blessings everytime I passed one, in my functioning, non-stuck car. God bless Acura and my boys at Wadadli Sport!

but hey, at least work's open to make up for the past 3 days that the place has been CLOSED!  I hope since the egg trucks didn't make it to my Publix, some of our product's trucks took a holiday too so I won't be BURIED under work!

(not that I wish any trucks delivering our product to be in an accident, mind you)

1 comment:

Eloquence, Inc. said...

so I live maybe 2 minutes from the new daycare...and i sat 2 minutes from it for THIRTY MINUTES after leaving work EARLY to beat the ice re-freezing (as my boss warned I might want to do)...!!!! Not a minute too soon either cause the highways were GRIDLOCKED in my area...and I now must work Saturday AND Sunday! wow it's been so long since I had to do that!

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