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Monday, January 17, 2011

Dirty Dozen J'ouvert invites you to their Trinidad Carnival 2011 presentation: CANBOULAY: FIRE.DEFIANCE.MAS!

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Monday, March 7 · 2:00am - 10:00am

LocationUptown Port of Spain

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Registration is on NOW for an Unforgettable J'ouvert Experience!

We're back at it for 2011, but space is limited so we suggest you sign up asap. Learn more about our 2011 presentation, register and view pics from 2010 at our website.

We’ve gotten a ton of requests for 2011 Registration so


Space is limited for online registration so register now. Once the spaces are filled, registration will only be available at the mas camp.

We haven’t forgotten our friends here in T&T and due to the overwhelming number of requests, we’re opening registration early!

Registration is available now for 3 DAYS ONLY at the DDJ Mas Camp.

These 3 days are Friday 14th January, Friday 21st January and Friday 28th January, 2011 from 3:30PM to 8PM. After this period, the mas camp will reopen in February (if we have space left).

The registration fee is 400TTD | 65USD. Call the hotline at 1-868-7-JOUVAY (56-8829) or email us at for more info.

This year we provide you with an improved experience:

More than tripled security presence

Iron and steel in the J’ouvert Pre-Party and on the road by Woodbrook Playboyz

Improved breakfast menu

More mud, more paint, more powder

Improved goodie bag and giveaways

Better drinks service

Same great vibe

In 2011 we DUTTY again…

Visit for more info!
From the Dirty Dozen J'ouvert site:


J’ouvert Morning… 2AM…
Slowly – rife with anxiety, anticipation – revellers begin to assemble quietly. They are no longer permitted to assemble at this hour on this day for this purpose. Their birthright has been taken away from them; but they will not acquiesce easily.

As more and more revellers gather, the rhythm of the tambu-bambu begins to resonate. The inner flame of the masses ignites. No anxiety no more. In its place the spirit of defiance, the inextinguishable spirit of the people of T&T.

A circle clears; stick-fighters begin to practice their craft. Tonight, they will lead the riotous onslaught. They will lead the charge in taking back what is rightfully theirs.

Mud and paint cloaks the faces and bodies of the crowd. They will look as one; they will move as one. This is no time for dissent, no time for divisive squabbles.

A flambeau explodes in the distance. The flame frenzies the now massive gathering; the riddim section pounds the iron and drums with righteous fervour. In unison the revellers raise their horns to their lips and with an almighty breath they signal the start of the mas.

The clan sets foot to pitch and the madness ensues. No violence will mar the celebrations on this occasion. The powers-that-be know that this show of force cannot be overcome. The unadulterated jubilation is symbolic now moreso than ever before.

J’ouvert Morning… 4AM… Dirty Dozen J’ouvert is on the move.

In 2011 we invoke the spirit of the Canboulay Riots of 1881 and 1884. We remember and honour those souls that bequeathed to us the Greatest Show on Earth.

We offer you the opportunity to pay homage to the blood, sweat and tears of all those that stood up with a fiery spirit – defiantly – and said that these are our streets…and this…is our mas!

What Does My Dirty Dozen J'ouvert Package Include?

Aside from a unique and amazing experience, all Dirty Dozen J'ouvert Reveller packages include:
· Exclusive J’ouvert Pre-Party from 2AM
· Increased Security
· 40ft Music Truck powered by LALO Sound
· Premium Drinks Inclusive

· Safe, Secure Route (no downtown POS)
· DDJ Goodie Bag including T-Shirt/Vest, DDJ Souvenir Party Mug and Noisemaker
· Sweet Iron and Steel by Carib Woodbrook Playboyz
· Secured Parking (limited availability)
· Water Truck
· Breakfast to refuel you for Monday and Tuesday
· Safe Toilets at the Mas Camp
· Crazy Vibes and an Unforgettable J’ouvert Experience
All this is promised with top quality service, the best vibe and long lasting memories!

Package Price:$400TT/$65US

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