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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ladies, Make Sure to Educate Yourself On A Foreign Man's Culture!

Just a public service announcement...make sure you know how decent women are usually treated in his home culture before letting him get too close to you...check out the conversation below where I caught a guy by surprise lol (we still cool but we know where we stand now!)

I don't know a lot about your culture but i assume they teach more respect for women than what i see these men here carrying on with.
although maybe you away from home you misbehaving. lol you know how you guys are

u got me

I knew man. No muslim culture out there allows you to be talking to a decent girl about sex first thing. you not even suppose to be trying to get that til you at least engaged to her or married.
so i already know you misbehaving. you one a dem guys that just see black girls as sex cause alla dem attracted to you and its something different...

how u knw so much abt us

See what I mean...LOL "lick him fi six" as we say in Jamaica...and is plenty black girls find him very attractive...not saying he's not cause he is...but these men get away with what you let them get away with in your I try to be as educated as possible and not everything comes from the classroom, have to know how to look some things up...or have friends from across the globe who can give you a clue as to how their men and women are suppose to operate!

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