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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Remember from THIS post my dilemma with being the only one left in YUMA since my crew of 6 dwindled to just me after my friend lost his life?  Well, at the last minute, 2 folks came back in so that makes us half the crew, and they are in YUMA so I'm back in my section, CAPRICORN FRONTLINE! 

A third JUST found out recently that her new job will after all let her go...but her costume had been sold over a month before that along with the costumes for the two guys who aren't coming, one for obvious I realized it was actually going to cost me more to pay off the balance in D'Krewe than to pay the remaining half in YUMA cause a frontline required half stress though because a friend in Trini that's about my measurements is taking my D'Krewe costume so we ALL going to have company for the  road! So 3 of us back in, 1 native daughter is in, and 2 folks in the band who looking to be solo players themselves told me I better stay in cause they liming with me on the road! lol!  YUMAs have been very supportive and friendly during a trying time for me!

Thanks to one of the very helpful and hospitable YUMAs, I have gotten my balance paid before the Valentine's Day deadline and will have my friend collect my costume easy breezy during the regular costume pickup period in February!  

Side note: I am thinking YUMA encountered some kind of alarming issue or potential issue with overseas credit card payments why they didn't allow them now as they did for those who initially registered online...I hope they fix this restriction on payment options going forward...just use PayPal it makes everything sooooo simple and hassle-free! 

The power of 21st century technology:
she took a pic with her BlackBerry and emailed me!


Now to sweat a LITTLE harder in the gym...need to HOLD A BURN! Lol


phoenix said...

yuh know yuh couldn't resist that Capricorn Frontline lol!!!!!!!!!!

Eloquence, Inc. said...

ROFL phoenix how you been? Honestly if they didn't come, I would have skipped on over to D'Krewe and been quite happy in my Tempo, dat ting HOT!

But is 2 a dem, and the guy especially doan know nobody else but me and likes his costume...he's not feeling a male costume with PINK (the Tempo) in it lol plus, there is the matter of money...costs less to stay put at this point cause there have been some real unexpected expenses since new year!

But yeah SUH di ting set now!

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