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Monday, March 14, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2011 SUPERPOST! Pics AND Videos!

Don't forget to check the Eloquence, Inc. YouTube page for individual videos (slowly but surely they are coming!)

 Click on the link above each of the pictures to see the album showing all the pictures from each set.

Hundreds of Pics & Videos Coming!

Trinidad Carnival 2011: Summary

Day 1: Getting To Trinidad

Day 1: Tobago

Day 2: Liming and "Housekeeping" Errands

Day 2: Girl Power fete

Day 3: Insomnia fete

Day 4: Jab Molassie, J'ouvert/Monday mas prep

Day 5: Carnival Monday (Chocolate City J'ouvert, D'Krewe mas)

Day 6: Carnival Tuesday (D'Krewe mas)

coming soon:

Day 7: Maracas Beach

Day 8: Trinidad

Day 9: Getting Out of Trinidad

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