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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2011--Day 1: Tobago!

^^Check out the album, lots of great pictures!

TeamNoSleep: I got to Trinidad Wednesday night and didn't actually get some real sleep til (just an hour nap to and fro on the ferry) Friday morning because after I got out of the airport, got food, got to the guesthouse, got unpacked, and got cleaned was just barely enough time to call the taxi and head to the ferry for my first trip to Tobago!

2 guys I had made friends with when I was to play in YUMA were my "tour guides" for the day...only got to about half of the things I wanted to check out but what we did see, the sights and sounds of Tobago, plus the fine Trini art of liming made it a PERFECT start to an already GREAT vacation!

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