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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2011: Day 8 Trinidad!

Trinidad Carnival 2011: Day 8 Trinidad!

Photojournal of the ride from Port of Spain to and through Chaguanas, Point Fortin, San Fernando and it's Gulf City Mall, the La Brea Pitch Lake and the Caroni Bird Sanctuary (we got severely rained out at the Pitch Lake and barely made it to the bird sanctuary after, so that was it for TNT tourism but I got plenty in for just one day!)

Pics only, videos coming later on the blog's YouTube page!  Didn't forget the remaining days, was just hoping to do them in order but most of my Maracas (Day 7) pictures are on someone else's camera and I am waiting like two weeks now to get them! smh Such a painful lesson on why to double and then triple check the memory card in my own camera...could have avoided this delay although I was PROMISED I would get them in a timely fashion!

Enjoy!  I had put captions but they all got erased except the first one, and as life rushes on after carnival with a lot on my plate and a major national standardized test coming up...the captions are going to have to wait! :)

And yes, the Trinidad Carnival 2011 SUPERPOST! blog has been updated!

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