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Monday, March 7, 2011


I am up and hype for J'OUVERT MORNING 2011 in TRINIDAD! "wine to di ground, mi love how yuh do your ting, you're so aMAZING!" Chocolate City J'ouvert band wi soon reach!

Will update the blog and YouTube as soon as I can get a break!

D'Krewe Carnival Mas Camp, Woodbrook, Trinidad!
Cause after the "liming" Friday was GIRL POWER Friday night, costume drama and TRINIDADFETETICKETS fraudulent behaviour with our Sunny Side Up All Inclusive tickets drama, and then all night MAD ting with INSOMNIA at Mobs 2 in Chaguaramas, Trinidad!  Didn't get home til 11am, and my voice isn't back yet from Insomnia so if someone sees it out there tell it I need to scream again for J'ouvert cause IWER GEORGE suppose to be on the road with us and when this song comes on it mash up the WHOLE place EVERY TIME!

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