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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2011: Day 4--Jab Molassie/D'Krewe Mas Camp (again!)/ and J'ouvert Prep!

Sunday was more of a chill day due to the incessant swelling of my feet that began from my first day in Trinidad...and because of a SERIOUS problem with our Sunny Side Up All Inclusive tickets that I am still waiting to see if I get my money back on time from before I say much more than that! :-/

Trinidad Carnival 2011: Day 4--Jab Molassie/D'Krewe Mas Camp (again!)/ and J'ouvert Prep!

The Jab Molassies and following masqueraders were, I believe, the start of Dimanche Gras carnival Sunday.

I also had to make a run to Chocolate City's mas camp cause my crew picked up the wrong type of shirt for registration said female top but I got a t-shirt.  Sorted that out immediately cause I had no razors to cut up a t-shirt and wanted my tank!  That was resolved fast and painless thank God.

Back at D'Krewe's mas camp cause one of the crew whose costume was actually one I ordered then transferred to her, was somehow not ready til Sunday (and a quick call from me to Akeisha) despite it being ordered before my second order for myself when I changed my mind AGAIN and went with Tempo section in D'Krewe over YUMA's Capricorn (which can't come in monokini).  I paid mine in full same time as I registered though so I think those who paid in full prior to the week of carnival, their costumes got made first. Don't know what was going on but at least we got it...cause one guy didn't get his costume til he was already on the road...I still rate whoever stayed behind to finish his costume and bring it out to him while we were jamming on the road though!

My registration personally had no hassle. Just the waitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Saturday to pick up when I had scheduled all the housekeeping stuff for Friday was a no-no.  However, that was their scheduled day for Tempo (Saturday), and they were open one set range of time that never changed (1pm to 10pm)...which was not a time I had anything planned to do so I was cool.  I showed up, after the wait that people suffered at most mas camps anyway, my costume was there, it fit nice, it was as pictured, and it looked great on me even women i didn't know who passed by the room I was trying it on in said "yuh mas look nice!"

Big ups to Mark who was assisting us D'Krewe newbies free of charge on behalf of the band lol!  The D'Krewe masqueraders were definitely like a little family...people remembered each other from mas camp, from carnival Monday, and on the road Tuesday!  It's a medium band and the size was perfect for my first time.  YUMA, as I saw the 2,500 of them out on the road ahead of us to get on stage...would have been way too big and way too much press of people as I try to move around on the road!  Now I have the experience I feel like I could handle it but one of my crew did play in YUMA and fainted in the heat...which could easily have been one of the rest of us if we had played with them cause it was ALL of us first again I'm glad I saved myself that massive crowd!

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