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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trinidad Carnival 2012: SUNDAY LIME!

Seems many bands had costume drama (Bliss complaints bout sizes, YUMA complaints bout various tings, my band - D'Krewe - was HELLA late with the costumes and messed up my schedule for when to be done with that so I could be uploading pics and liming and other things!...I mean 2 and 3 times coming back to sort it out, and heard a certain large band's shipments of brassieres/etc had issues and they had a last minute re-order that was killing availability of things and hands for other bands.)  So end result is I ended up collecting final parts of costume and j'ouvert package as well on Sunday.

The last fete, Puro Blanco all-white boatride, was cancelled (I'll be sticking to established events after this or better yet skipping doing anything Sunday and use it for a nice lime and tying of last minute loose ends before j'ouvert).  So we (me and my clients and some people I helped get sorted out and prepared for carnival that were seated next to me on the plane on the way down... they were really a little clueless as to how un-ready they were, only thing they had sorted out was Girl Power and costumes) went to lime on Ariapita at Sweet Lime.  We looked really good in that all-white, no boatride necessary it was just a nice look and a nice lime!  Most of us actually ate before we got to Sweet Lime (and I wish I could remember the name of where we got the food in the pictures from, they were DELICIOUS!).  Also cool was taking in the sights and sounds of Ariapita Avenue on the way to Sweet Lime, including kids in costume. :)

Customer service so bad at Sweet Lime I had to help get orders, help get orders STRAIGHT, aaaand help SERVE our orders lol but I felt bad for the poor girl serving cause it was about 10 of us (I think it went up to 11 before the night was out) and one of her for what seemed to be the ENTIRE restaurant and she obviously needed help...even she said is like I work there. I had 2 Sweet Limers (non-alcoholic and quite refreshing) and a Banana Brace...or something suh (definitely alcoholic and sweet)...NICE lime, nuff jokes, and the place was full to the brim!

Some of Eloquence, Inc.'s Trinidad Carnival 2012 clients (except first 2 on the right)

As always, videos are coming but are MUCH slower behind the pics...haven't even gotten all the Scorch ones up yet, bear with me they are coming to the Eloquence, Inc. YouTube page:!

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