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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trinidad Carnival 2012: INSOMNIA fete review and pics!

Insomnia...wicked as there in time for Machel, in time for the WATER HOSES (favourite part *smile*) and got TOTALLY soaked especially up by the stage! Throw wine on cute man throw wine on big man throw wine on man that remember me from LAST YEAR Insomnia (how???? my hair totally different him still remember!), throw wine on man in wheelchair (is a row of them in there wth going on there? but all in good fun!)...throw wine on man who said "I never wine a Jamaican gyul before yuh know, allyuh could wine?" ...and they chose that moment play suppen like Buckets...a who tell dem haha I was about to walk past cause i was headed somewhere but I smiled sweetly, turned my back to him, and let him have it...his friends laughing at him for biting off more than he could chew by time di song done. Smiled sweet again and walked off. lol

Had doubles in the fete from the feistiest doubles GYAL ever, who want to serve man who not even in the line but want to fold up and screw face like ME a cut line when I reach out to take the next one she put down...even other girls in line who louder (and meaner) than me race her up and tell her I been in line long time just like them and is only one i want what she carrying on suh for. Cause most people in line was getting all 5 and 6 one time fi dem an dem friends. hm.

Insomnia always wicked... outside waiting on taximan to find me, some car across the way BLASTING Swappi's "Bubble On A DJ"...I normally don't like soca that have a similar vybe to dancehall but Swappi sick mi body wid it dis year man couldn't help drive me CRAAAZY only ting get mi worse for 2012 is shows up, as i go to get in some young (and CUTE!) maxi driver come rush mi bout where am i going he will take me straight to the door. I said that's okay i paid this one already. He said no you didn't I saw you the whole time you were across the street...i was like wait just how the hell long was dude WATCHING me? So i told him i paid the taxi roundtrip on the way UP...he said okay what's your number. lol I said ohhh is THAT you wanted all this time he said YES what you doing tonight?

Swappi's fault the man get a maddddd...

KNOCKED out in the car. Taxi man nice enough to remember i needed to stop by pharmacy for Icy Hot, him wake me up cause I would not have remembered. Love that taxi driver...and I told his boss how great he was too!

Videos slowly but surely coming to Eloquence, Inc.'s YouTube page!

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