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Saturday, March 3, 2012


J'ouvert...Silver Mudders...showed up and got concerned after jumping ship from Chocolate City cause place was DEAD QUIET like ghost town...truck was late, real late. But it got wicked a girl was giving the oil massages so you could get mudded up, and one woman asked where the MEN to give the women massages? I said she had a I went and got me one. He was SO cute and barely spoke English...and soon after he volunteered a nex one came to oil me up too...people started coming over wondering wait WHAT going on here??? lmao

Got my silver mud everywhere from head to foot.

Some girl was onsite cutting up and sexy-ing up the shirts. Thanks to her cause i have zero creativity in that department.

When our trucks showed up and powered up the vibes jumped way up and stayed up! Had a wicked time on the road! And is like some kind of rule that I must meet one of the sexiest men for all of carnival during j' happen last year and it happen this came out of nowhere and chemistry was so instant and strong it hurt...we just leaned on each other with foreheads touching and wined and talked in that same pose like 2 lovebirds for the longest...only separate to exchange numbers...then the vibes was getting too strong so I was like okay we...we...we need to...*had memory problems rocking all connected to him like that*... we need to GO, we getting lost in our own little world and the trucks leaving us.

He was dangerous. Shorter than me and brown and absolutely the effing sexiest thing I saw all morning, including passing me in other bands (and Chocolate City had some nice looking things crossing my eyesight!)...whew.

Okay what was I saying?

Came back to meeting point, some man volunteer to spray the mud off tings. :)

Ate, drank more, was merry...HYPE...what!
Cleaned up properly at the guesthouse and no time for SLEEP what is that??? BACK out on the road in Monday mas finest with D'Krewe!

Monday Mas - dem shorts this year was rather...small...put the HOT back in hot shorts. Vibes nice on the road. Not so nice that i ran out of memory almost immediately and had to waste like 2 hours back at the guesthouse clearing out pics to make room for monday!

D'Krewe's King presentation above by bandleader Roland St. George WON King of Trinidad Carnival 2012!

For the VIDEOS click here!

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