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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jamaica Carnival 2012: Season Officially Underway With BacchanalJamaica's 2012 Theme FUTURE SHOCK!


Jamaica Carnival 2012 season is in full swing!  And it's better than ever and getting better still!  
Stay tuned to Eloquence, Inc. on Facebook for updates!

So what's going on for 2012?

Soca sessions now happening in Kingston EVERY weekend starting last night courtesy of Island Mas Jamaica (price in JAMAICAN dollars!):

But Kingston is only where it starts and ends! Over the 12 weeks between January 28 and April 13, Jamaica All-Island Carnival will be bringing the whole country roving fetes with LIVE performances from soca artists to places including St. Mary, Portland, Negril, Linstead, St. Thomas, St. Elizabeth, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and May Pen, and ending with a "blowout" j'ouvert fete April 13, 2012!  Makes you want to be in Jamaica doesn't it?
The Saturday before Jamaica Carnival Road March (official parade) Island Mas Jamaica brings us one of my favourite ways to party: a WET FETE!

But I know you want to know WHERE ARE THE COSTUMES?

Pics courtesy LiveStush and BacchanalJamaica.  More later stay tuned!

My favourite section missing from that pic though (the female anyway):

Section Name: Encleadus

Check out all other sections by clicking here.

Please note the new mas camp:

Bacchanal Jamaica!

And for those of you who want to stand out from the crowd with a backpack or other frontline-style customization or need a monokini option or something else not currently provided by Bacchanal Jamaica, LehWeGo Frontline now customizes your Jamaica Carnival costumes for an additional fee!  Backpacks, collars, corsets, wings, large headpieces, tiaras, etc. See sample picture of their work from their blog site below!

For example, you can wear what everyone else is wearing for Bacchanal Jamaica's 2012 section Belt of Orion:

Or you can have LehWeGo frontline take it up a notch for you (second and third pictures courtesy of Trinidad's mas bands YUMA and TRIBE respectively):

actual work done by LehWeGo Frontline

They also do boots, although my standing recommendation for wicked boot design is Eloquence, Inc.'s designer, Niecy's Custom Designs out of New York (see one of her designs below)!

Ladies (and gentlemen) why do you want customizations?  To bring out the spirit of who you ARE for carnival...and to hide trouble spots so you look your fabulous BEST on the road and for the cameras!

SUGGESTIONS (for this and ANY carnival) as to what options work for what issue:

LOWER BELLY/C-SECTION:  Monokini (like this one or this one from Trinidad's Bliss or this one from Trinidad's Spice)
UPPER BELLY: Tankini, corset (like this one from Trinidad's D'Krewe), bustier
OBLIQUES ("SPARE TIRES"): corset, bustier, or a monokini designed like this one from Trinidad's D'Krewe
BOTTOM/BACK OF LEGS: Bustle (some kind of extra tail piece like this one from Trinidad's D'Krewe)
UPPER BACK: wings (like this one from Trinidad's Fantasy), backpack (like this one from Trinidad's D'Krewe)
(MEN'S WINGS): like this one from Trinidad's TRIBE
(MEN TOO) SECTION HEADPIECE TOO SMALL: large headpiece (like this one from Trinidad's YUMA and their larger headpiece for males like this one)
CHEST: neckpiece like this one from Trinidad's courtesy of Trinidad Carnival Diary's Facebook page

And SO many more options...if you can imagine it, you can find a way to make it happen for Jamaica Carnival (or any carnival where the standard offerings tend to not include options that suit you) with LehWeGo Frontline!

If you would like your Jamaica Carnival trip planning details handled from start to finish without the hassle of running around yourself, by all means get in touch with Eloquence, Inc.: or (404) 590-1882!

P.S. Jamaica's own Yendi Phillips (Miss Jamaica Universe 2010 and Miss Universe 2010 1st runner up) will be playing mas with the section Robotica!  Info and pic courtesy of Digicel.

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