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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trinidad Carnival 2012: SCORCH fete review and pics!

FINALLY we get to the pictures and videos of one of the biggest celebrations on earth!  All the individual posts will be collected at the end into one big Trinidad Carnival 2012 Superpost just like the 2011 collection, but check back each day for updates here and on Eloquence, Inc.'s YouTube!

(Soca Monarch pics and vids not sorted yet)

Scorch...WICKEDEST FETE EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR what!!!!! The wait to get inside and the b.s. they were on with issuing their fancy schmancy "email only" tickets had me thinking not me again any year after inside and forgot ALL BOUT DAT. lol. From the girls on pole dancing and beside her trying to get me drunk off apple and banana flavored puncheon shots (i say a little she says "noooo have MORE!" and pours the thing to the top...and refills right after i try one! smh) the goodlooking people all the food and drinks and drinks and the dancefloor, the HYPE AS HELLLL dj's (hypa hoppa, dj private ryan, and many other shirtless eye candy keeping the vibes well hot on stage), the music...and one of them dj's kept picking random girls to pour whatever he had in his bottle down their throat...somebody tell me turn around and he wanted to pour it down my throat lol. ;) So the music had to lock off per police at midnight... "so when yuh feel seh di soca done, well is more soca to come...when yuh feel seh di wining done, well is MORE WINING TO COME" out come rhythm section and people animal instincts take OVER bwoy lol. One of the drummers motion me to come over by him an him jussa wine wid me an drum same time...another girl come join us an mi tell him him TALENTED to manage both of us and STILL hitting dem drums hard!

Good times, good times...yaadies came out and repped in that fete too, anywhere one of us heard the accent or saw our flag (male or female) we hail each other up.

Oh yeah and BEENIE MAN walked into the fete like nutten...only a small entourage too!

I can't say enough good things about that fete.

It made me late for Insomnia.

And I normally put nothing before Insomnia. :)

Went home, caught a nap, should have set my alarm cause was suppose to nap 1 hour, it turn into 4...what i should have done was nap in the car on the way straight to Insomnia cause that was a nex 1.5 hours of time wasting just trying to GET there!

See full pictures in the Scorch 2012 Facebook album!

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