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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

YUMA Vibe Collection Day Instructions: English and Trini Translations! lol!

From the YUMA Vibe Facebook wall...a little laughter, a little jokes, but all the way serious because the same questions keep being asked over...and over...and over...and over...again...and again!

Enjoy a laugh I know I did!

YUMA Vibe says:

Yuma Vibe is stating that the costume distribution centre is open to registered masqueraders only (to prevent congestion). If friends are coming with you to collect costumes they are invited to enjoy the ambience of Movietowne while masqueraders collect their costumes from the Movietowne Banquet & convention centre.

A male YUMA says:

"enjoy the ambience of movietowne"
go watch a movie or get something to eat doh mind YUMA business
"registered masqueraders only" 
doh feel cuz yuh have ah auntie cuzin neighbor uncle bredda sista son daughter playin you could come an just macco the scenes an beg for a costume nah refer to the ambience of movietowne.

(to prevent congestion)
yuh doh want a yuma security forcing you to go an "enjoy the ambience of movietowne" NAH not kool

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I LOL'ED!!!!

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